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May 2013

Cruise Ship

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The cruise ship was a dream. A seagoing pleasure city.  The passengers came for that dream. The young, the old, the infirm; all were welcome provided they had the money. The crew that served them were also part of the dream. Voyage after voyage she proved that dreams come true and slowly the sea became forgotten. But the sea did not forget the ship.

One man tried to warn of the consequences of this forgetfulness but it was too late. He was the past and the ship was the future. Until one cold dark night. When the laughter turned to screams and the unsinkable turned to the unthinkable.

This is a story of a ship that lost her way, of a crew that forgot the sea, those who paid the price and those who learnt about how cruel the sea can be.

It could happen tomorrow.

Michael started his career on the training ship HMS Conway and went to sea as a Cadet with P&O.

He was promoted to master on a deep sea tow vessel at the age of 32. He then commanded a wide variety of ships including general cargo, passenger, reefer, heavy lift, container, bulk carriers, anchor handlers, supply vessels, response and rescue vessels in the north sea, oil field support vessels in Nigeria, middle trade multi-purpose vessels in the Black Sea and Baltic.

Michael served 35 years in the Royal Naval Reserve and for 10 years he represented shipmasters on the Council of Numast. He is a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and a Younger Brother of Trinity House.

Michael retired from the sea in March 2007 after 50 years seagoing and 35 years in command. He now works with Witherby Seamanship International as a Senior Advisor and Technical Author.

Title: Cruise Ship
Number of Pages: 400
Product Code: WS1386K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-582-2 (9781856095822), ISBN 10: 1-85609-582-7 (1856095827)
Published Date: May 2013
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 180 mm
Book Width: 110 mm
Book Spine: 20 mm
Weight: 0.40 kg
Author: Michael Lloyd

Customer Reviews

Excellent Book Review by PN
Excellent read, informative and enjoyable. I will be looking out for more of Michael Lloyd’s books in the future. (Posted on 23/03/2015)
A second novel of seafaring derring-do by Master Mariner Captain Michael Lloyd. Review by The Journal of the Honourable Company of Master Ma
The absorbing story centres on two old shipmates who have sailed together over many years. Harry Andres is the Master and his old friend, Sandy O’Donnell, is the Mate. Harry has been talked into a transatlantic delivery voyage by a dodgy ship owning acquaintance, who, in turn talks Sandy out of retirement to join him.

The ship is an old offshore supply vessel which has seen many years of service in the Gulf of Mexico and is to be delivered to Glasgow, in theory, a 16 day voyage.

An assortment of people are signed up for the voyage, among them an alcoholic Chief Engineer, a transvestite ex-Royal Marine, known to all as Delilah, the cook and a very competent second officer, Wendy Durham.

Problems started before the old ship left her berth.

Medical emergencies, mechanical failures, hull fractures plagued the voyage, together with a close shave with a Caribbean drug baron.

This is a well written, thoroughly enjoyable sea story, with enough nautical terminology correctly woven into the text to satisfy the reader with a critical eye for maritime accuracy. (Posted on 07/02/2014)
Great book that should be made into a movie! Review by KC, September 2013
Great book that should be made into a movie. So many issues of safety are discussed that need to be addressed. (Posted on 09/10/2013)
Well this is certainly a good story! Review by Nautilus Telegraph
A passenger ship. An iceberg. A cargo-carrying ship nearby. Sounds familiar? Echoes of the Titanic are to be heard loud and clear in this new novel from Nautilus Council member Mike Lloyd, in which he adroitly weaves together contemporary concerns over maritime safety with a well-paced plot that comes to the boil in Artic waters.
The central character, Captain Jim Clariby, is something of an old-school seafarer who – after a brief spell out of work – ends up with a major cruise operator running ships out of the US, Australia, the UK and the Mediterranean, and planning to use his Antarctic experience to inaugurate polar cruises.
Packed off to cut his teeth in the fleet as a safety officer, Jim struggles to adjust to the cruiseship working culture. The book crackles with tension as he tries to conduct realistic drills, battles with the all-powerful hotel department, gets cadets to clean their own cabins, and asks increasingly awkward questions about emergency arrangements.
In one of a series of showdowns with colleagues, Jim argues: ‘We, as the seamen of the ship, have one job above all else and that is the safety of those onboard. If this upsets the hotel side, I suggest that is their problem.’
And when the ship’s master points out that the vessel meets all the regulatory standards, Jim tackles him thus: ‘Are these the same organisations that approved the lifeboat hooks that are breaking and killing hundreds of seamen? The same ones that are letting hundreds of seamen die in enclosed spaces without adequate equipment? The same ones who have approved manning which causes fatigue so that we are wrecking ships because tired officers fall asleep?’
Meanwhile, with a sense of sickening inevitability, a petroleum tanker sets out from Galveston to Halifax and Quebec. You know it’s not going to end well…
The book builds to its climax with a gathering sense of suspense, as well as throwing sub-plots involving drugs and suspicious deaths into the already heady mix.
In his introduction, Mike Lloyd explains that the book was conceived in 2009 – well before the Costa Concordia accident – as the industry was introducing increasingly larger vessels. Ship size, however, is not a key factor in this compelling novel, which explores topical and enduring themes such as the role and responsibility of the master, seamanship standards, and ship design, regulation and operation.
Mike Lloyd also makes a pre-emptive plea in the introduction for readers with seafaring experience to be tolerant of the compromises that have to be made for a non-technical readership. ‘It is a novel,’ he points out, ‘and, of course, we must not let fact stand in the way of a good story.’
Well this is certainly a good story. (Posted on 29/08/2013)
An excellent mix of fact and fiction Review by GD
a little slow at the start but quickly speeds up once the scene has been set, find it hard to put this book down the more one gets into the story a gripping finish leaving the reader feeling as if they were there, excellent mix of fact and fiction written by a man who knows his subject. Food for thought for any cruise ship lover (Posted on 03/07/2013)
It is a truly excellent adventure thriller Review by RHM
This is the second in a promising series of books from Michael Lloyd. (see link below) Cruise ships attract more and more passengers year on year as they become more affordable, more entertaining and more adventurous. As we saw with the Italian disaster in 2012, when passengers lost their lives unnecessarily due to the Captain's interest in impressing rather than steering and sheer incompetence. (This is of course can not be applied to the majority of excellent merchant Captains in the Fleet.) However Cruise Ship is a real eye-opener. It takes an experienced sea-dog to advise a cruise line and initially he has to act the role of an consultant on a bog standard Caribbean cruise. From day one he has his eyes opened as the contest between the Hotel Management side of the ship plays against the Seamanship side. Ordering Naval officers to attend social functions and even suggesting course changes. Underneath the smart people is also an underground drug and drink problem. Fortunately naval instinct prevails but the aftertaste of this cruise has made life a difficult decision for our Captain - will he take on the daring new route proposed and within artic waters? The dilemma, decision and subsequent adventure is for those interested in the real world of cruising to read.

It is a truly excellent adventure thriller, written obviously by a very real experienced Captain. The authenticity of action and reaction, of happenstance and contemplation is certainly to be commended. This book is highly recommended for all those who love a "ripping yarn" super read, Oh, and Cruising ??!?? For those interested in professional seamanship and thrillers see: The Devil's Cauldron by the same author. (Posted on 03/07/2013)
Very thought provoking book Review by BMB
Very thought provoking book which should be read by Management at Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
Lets hope it is not prophetic (Posted on 03/07/2013)
Fast Moving & Interesting Review by ST
This was a recommendation after reading his other novel recently Devils Cauldron.
was not disappointed, fast moving and kept you interested all the way. (Posted on 03/07/2013)
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