Institute Time Clauses Hulls 1995

Published Date

July 1996

Institute Time Clauses Hulls 1995

(Excludes any applicable taxes)

A special study of the changes in the hull insurance market has culminated in this detailed analysis of the latest conditions in the Institute Hull Clauses available for use in H & M insurance contracts, based on the MAR form of policy. Ancillary clauses are also analysed, as are the Institute conditions for hull interest insurances (e.g., disbursements, increased value and excess liabilities).

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A detailed study of hull insurance clauses.

Part One

Introduction to Full Terms Cover

Full Terms - H&M ' All Risks' (CL.280)

Full Terms - H&M Restricted Perils (CL.208B)


Part Two

Ancillary Clauses for use with H&M ITC (1995)


Part Three

Introductin to LImited Terms Cover

Limited Terms - H&M TL, GA & Coll. Liab. (CL.284)

LImited Terms - H&M Total Loss Only (CL.289)


Part Four

Introduction to Hull Interest Insurance

Disbursements & Increased Value (CL.290)

Excess Liabilities (CL.291)


Part Five.

Introductions to H&M War & Strike Insurance

Introductions to ITC - Hulls (1995) War & Strikes

War & Strikes - Full Conditions (CL.281)

War & Strikes - Limited Conditions (CL.300)



Institute Time Clauses - Hulls (1995)

Title: Institute Time Clauses Hulls 1995
Number of Pages: 409
Product Code: 4405Q063
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-116-9 (9781856091169), ISBN 10: 1-85609-116-3 (1856091163)
Published Date: July 1996
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 25 mm
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