LNG Transfer Ship-To-Ship Following “LNG Libra” Tailshaft Failure (eBook)

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January 1981

LNG Transfer Ship-To-Ship Following “LNG Libra” Tailshaft Failure (eBook)

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This paper describes in detail the emergency ship-ship transfer that took place between LNG Libra and the LNG Virgo in 1980. (12pp)  

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In early October, 1980, the LNG LIBRA had loaded a full cargo of LNG at the Bontang Terminal and was en route to Japan. On October 3, 1980 at 0337 hours, the tailshaft fractured at a location within the stern tube, disabling the vessel. It was subsequently determined that the unattached section of tailshaft and the propeller had shifted aft until it rested against the rudder. At that time the LNG LIBRA was about 22 miles off the east coast of Mindanao. The Captain immediately notified the Energy Transportation Corporation office in Osaka who in turn notified the headquarters in New York. The weather was fair and the vessel proceeded to drift south along the coast. It was at no time considered to be in imminent danger of grounding. This paper describes in detail the subsequent emergency ship-to-ship transfer that took place between this vessel and the LNG Virgo.

The operation described was carried out safely and efficiently without placing either vessel in jeopardy. The cooperation and skill of the officers and crew of both vessels was out standing and was probably the greatest contributing factor to the success of the cargo transfer. Factors in our favor, which cannot be controlled by preparation and training, were the weather and the full operational status of the cargo systems of both vessels. There are, of course, endless combinations of less favorable circumstances which could occur and for which the responsible operator must plan. This subject is currently under detailed study by The Inter-Industry Working Group on Contingency Planning for Liquefied Gas Transportation". This Working Group has been formed under the sponsorship of the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators Ltd.

In cooperation with the International Chamber of Shipping and Oil Companies International Marine Forum. The subject of contingency planning is itself beyond the scope of this paper, but it is of the utmost Importance in continuing the fine safety record of the LNG shipping industry and in maintaining a responsible image of LNG marine operators in the public eye.

Paper delivered by:
GJ Masaitisj
EG Tornay
(both of Energy Transportation Corp, New York)

Prepared for:
Gastech Hamburg 1981  

Title: LNG Transfer Ship-To-Ship Following “LNG Libra” Tailshaft Failure (eBook)
Product Code: 4433g171
Published Date: January 1981

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