Manual on Oil Pollution - Section I:  Prevention, 2011 Edition (IA557E)

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September 2011

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Manual on Oil Pollution - Section I: Prevention, 2011 Edition (IA557E)

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This section of the Manual on Oil Pollution provides practical guidance related to the prevention of pollution from ships, and describes procedures for the handling of oil cargoes, bunkering, ship-to-ship transfer operations, transfer operations involving offshore units and operations in ice-covered waters.

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The manual also provides an overview of the various prevention practices, as a complement to the more detailed industry standards and Codes of Practice, currently available. The information provided is not intended to supersede or replace any information, law, or regulation contained in any other publication with respect to the waters and areas to which it pertains.




Glossary of abbreviations and definitions


Chapter 1 Introduction


Chapter 2 Requirements for all ships

2.1 General

2.2 Bunkering operations

2.3 Transferring fuel oil within a ship

2.4 Machinery space bilges

2.5 Oily water separating equipment and oil content meters

2.6 Fuel and lubricating oil purifiers

2.7 Oil Record Book

2.8 Checklists

2.9 References

2.10 Relevant industry websites


Chapter 3 Requirements for all tankers

3.1 General application of MARPOL Annex I

3.2 Oil tanker operations

A Crude oil tankers

B Product tankers

3.3 References


Chapter 4 Oil tanker operations at berths, piers or jetties

4.1 General

4.2 Requirements for berths

4.3 Requirements for facilities

4.4 Control and communications

4.5 Preparation for operations

4.6 Performance of operations

4.7 Completion of operations

4.8 Suspension of operations

4.9 Cautionary notices

4.10 Documents

4.11 Training

4.12 Oil spill response

4.13 Prevention, clean-up and reporting

4.14 References


Chapter 5 Oil tanker operations at offshore berths (single point and buoy moorings)

5.1 General

5.2 General description of facilities and their mooring arrangements

5.3 Hoses

5.4 Control and communications

5.5 Preparation for operations

5.6 Performance of operations

5.7 Completion of operations

5.8 Suspension of operations

5.9 Training

5.10 Oil spill response

5.11 Prevention, clean-up and reporting

5.12 References


Chapter 6 Ship-to-ship transfer of crude oil and petroleum products while underway or at anchor

6.1 Introduction

6.2 General requirements for vessels involved in ship-to-ship transfer operations

6.3 Risk assessment

6.4 Preparation for operations

6.5 Performance of operations

6.6 Completion of operations

6.7 Suspension of operations

6.8 References


Chapter 7 Operations at offshore floating (production) storage and offloading facilities

7.1 General

7.2 FPSO and FSU mooring arrangements

7.3 FPSO and FSU offloading arrangements

7.4 Risk management

7.5 Tandem moored offtake operations at FPSOs and FSUs

7.6 Side by side offtake operations at FPSOs and FSUs

7.7 Offtake tanker operations

7.8 Control and communications

7.9 Preparation for operations

7.10 Performance of operations

7.11 Completion of operations

7.12 Suspension of operations

7.13 FPSO and FSU operations while disconnected from their mooring system

7.14 References


Chapter 8 Oil tanker operations in ice covered waters

8.1 Recommendations to ships operating in ice covered waters

8.2 Ice classification rules

8.3 Ice navigator

8.4 Anchoring and towing

8.5 Safety requirements

8.6 Operating and training manuals

8.7 Environmental protection

8.8 Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) and Ship/Response Vessel System (Servs)

8.9 Preparing ships for sailing in ice covered waters

8.10 Sailing in ice

8.11 Transfer of oil in ice covered waters

8.12 References

8.13 Relevant industry body websites


Chapter 9 Shore facilities and oil transfer operations other than at dock areas


Appendix Examples of checklists

Title: Manual on Oil Pollution - Section I: Prevention, 2011 Edition (IA557E)
Edition: 2011
Number of Pages: 138
Product Code: MM1385K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 9789280142440, ISBN 10: 9280142445
Published Date: September 2011
Weight: 0.40 kg
Author: IMO

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