Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 2017

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August 2017

Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 2017

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The IMO declared the Great Barrier Reef a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) in 1990, and the Torres Strait a PSSA in 2005. A PSSA is an area that needs special protection through action by the IMO because it is significant for recognized ecological, socio-economic or scientific reasons, but it may be vulnerable to damage by international maritime activities. The criteria for the identification of PSSAs and the criteria for the designation of Special Areas are not mutually exclusive. In many cases a PSSA may be identified within a Special Area and vice versa.

All the data contained within this Guide is used, not only as part of the vessel's pre-entry procedures, but also as a tool for familiarising and refreshing the bridge team each time the vessel is planning a passage through the area. Its design, with pull-out chartlets, allows this Guide to be used in 'real-time' giving the navigator the overview that can be lost with the introduction of ECDIS paperless ships.

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The Great Barrier Reef is an area of global environmental and economic importance. As early as 1975 the Australian Government recognised its significance by creating the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to regulate all activities that take place within the marine park. Its scientific, cultural and historic importance led to the Park being added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1981 with the adjoining and connected Gondwang Tropical Rainforests added in 1986. The Park, and the adjoining area encompassing the Torres Strait up to the border with Papua New Guinea, were designated a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) in 1990 which led to the introduction of compulsory pilotage the following year.

Consequently, passing through these areas can be a cause for concern for the mariner, particularly if the bridge team is unfamiliar with the region. Although the whole of the Torres Strait and Great Barrier Reef lies within the State of Queensland, regulation of activities within this area are covered by both state and federal legislation. The source information is not always easy to locate and interpret, particularly if the vessel has not been able to obtain all the necessary documentation prior to departing the last port.

This guide contains all the information the bridge team will need to properly prepare for the vessel's transit through the area.








Title: Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 2017
Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: 2015
Number of Pages: 2015
Product Code: WS1545K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-744-4 (9781856097444), ISBN 10: 1-85609-744-7 (1856097447)
Published Date: August 2017
Binding Format: Hardback Spiro
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Weight: 1.30 kg

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