Pirate Ship

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March 2015

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Pirate Ship

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The final book of the trilogy reunites Harry, Carol and Delilah in a fast-moving story of piracy, murder, corruption and revenge. Harry has travelled to Singapore to investigate the suspicious death of his great friend and former crew mate, Sandy, but he soon meets a shipowner who desperately needs his help and he can’t resist the lure of one final voyage.  But great reward comes at great risk, as Harry must sail into the heart of Indonesian piracy operations.  Calling in reinforcements, Harry makes a plan and sets sail.

The action quickly escalates when the true scale of the voyage becomes clear, and Harry must think strategically if he is to outwit ruthless and heavily armed opposition.  As they come into the line of fire, will this be the valiant end for Harry, Carol and Delilah?


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Title: Pirate Ship
Number of Pages: 400
Product Code: WS1448K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-688-1 (9781856096881), ISBN 10: 1-85609-688-2 (1856096882)
Published Date: March 2015
Weight: 0.40 kg
Author: Michael Lloyd

Customer Reviews

Ongoing Thrill Review by Nikolaos Chalaris
The familiar team from previous adventures on globe's oceans is this time back in Asia. With more action and agony they once again suceed. Captain Lloyd is closing this ending this series of Nautical Adventures with a story that will keep reader interested until the end. (Posted on 09/08/2015)
Indestructable characters return for a thrilling new adventure Review by Nautilus Telegraph May 2015
From the prolific pen of Nautilus Council member Michael Lloyd comes this latest in a series of rip-roaring thrillers which tap into some of the big themes affecting seafarers – such as war risks, passenger ship safety and now piracy.

It completes a trilogy featuring what must be the most danger-prone mariners to have gone to sea – having barely survived previous escapades in the Congo and on a rust bucket offshore supply vessel sailing across the Atlantic.

This time Captain Harry Andrews and his colleagues reunite in a mission of revenge following a violent ‘pirate’ attack in the Malacca Straits, which is described in stomach-churning detail in the opening pages.

Hauled out of semi-retirement cruising the Caribbean on a yacht by the offer of a trip to Singapore, Harry thinks he is going to investigate the mysterious death of his close friend Sandy. But of course, nothing is as it first appears and both the initial attack and Harry’s subsequent avenging voyage come with more twists and turns than an Alpine road.

While the dialogue can sometimes come across as a bit clunky, there are some passages with excellent descriptive flourishes and Mike Lloyd turns up the tension as the book races towards the inevitable final showdown. It’s an enjoyable romp – and there’s a hint that even this death defying adventure may not be sufficient to kill off some of the key characters.
(Posted on 30/04/2015)

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