Pocket Safety Guide - Confined Spaces

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January 2010

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Pocket Safety Guide - Confined Spaces

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This pocket book outlines the characteristics of enclosed spaces and lists the many different types of hazard that may be encountered. It discusses the procedures that should be followed before entering an enclosed space (including testing for different types of hazardous atmosphere, ventilation and gas freeing) as well as the provisions for communication, breathing apparatus and emergency response.

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There are many types of confined spaces but they all have certain things in common: they have limited means of access and the atmosphere within them is often dangerous. Despite awareness throughout the industry of the dangers of enclosed spaces, accidents continue to occur. This book is an essential aide-memoire for seafarers of every level of the dangers and safeguards of enclosed space entry. Of particular importance is the entry checklist, which lists all the necessary safety checks to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

1 Types of Space

1.1 What is a Confined Space?

1.2 Permit Entry Confined Space


2 Reasons for Entering a Confined Space

2.1 Is it Necessary?

2.2 Reasons for Entering a Confined Space

2.3 Recognition


3 Hazards

3.1 Physical Hazards

3.2 Control


4 Hazardous Atmospheres and Methods of Testing for Them

4.1 Hazardous Atmospheres

4.1.1 Flammable Atmospheres

4.1.2 Toxic Atmospheres

4.1.3 Irritant Atmospheres

4.1.4 Asphyxiating Atmospheres

4.2 Testing Hazardous Atmospheres

4.2.1 Testing Flammable Atmospheres

4.2.2 Testing Toxic Atmospheres


5 Ventilation, Gas Freeing


6 Entry Checks


7 Duties

7.1 Training for Attendant

7.2 Duties of the Person Authorising or in Charge of the Entry


8 Communication

8.1 Requirements of a Confined Space Entry Communication System


9 Equipment


10 Rescue


11 Case Studies

11.1 Case Study #1

11.2 Case Study #2

11.3 Famous Last Words?


12 Precautions

12.1 Testing, Evaluation and Monitoring

Title: Pocket Safety Guide - Confined Spaces
Number of Pages: 28
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ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-81-9 (9781905331819), ISBN 10: 1-905331-81-9 (1905331819)
Published Date: January 2010
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