Pocket Safety Guide - Manual Handling

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January 2010

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Pocket Safety Guide - Manual Handling

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This pocket book looks at correct handling of loads by human physical effort. Any transport or support of a load by lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving by hand or by bodily force will fall into this definition. This book is designed to help you assess risk and make good decisions on the sorts of precautions to take in order to lift safely and reduce the risk of a manual handling injury.

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An enormous variety of manual handling operations are undertaken on board ship, from transporting food supplies to the galley to shifting machinery to and from the workshop. This pocket book lists the factors that should be considered before undertaking a manual lift, including the environmental conditions (eg seawater on deck), the nature of the load (eg weight and shape), hazards likely to be encountered during the lift (eg stairs and doors) and the use of manual handling equipment. It lists general good and bad lifting practices and includes a diagram showing guideline weights for lifting and lowering.

1 Introduction

1.1 Definition

1.2 General Statistics

1.3 Seafaring Statistics


2 Manual Handling Assessment

2.1 Load Assessment

2.2 Risk Assessment


3 Good and Bad Practice

3.1 General Good Practice

3.2 Good Practice When Lifting


4 Medical and Exercises

Title: Pocket Safety Guide - Manual Handling
Number of Pages: 10
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ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-85-7 (9781905331857), ISBN 10: 1-905331-85-1 (1905331851)
Published Date: January 2010
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