Service longevity of the ‘LNG Aquarius’ class vessels. (eBook)

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January 1990

Service longevity of the ‘LNG Aquarius’ class vessels. (eBook)

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This paper fully describes the service history of the LNG Aquarius class vessels. (10pp)  

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The eight LNG vessels that are the subject of this paper were constructed at the Quincy, Massachusetts shipyard of the General Dynamics Corporation. Construction began in 1973. The first ship was delivered in December 1977 and the last in December 1979. A discussion of the construction process, project arrangements, early operations and vessel improvements will be found in reference 1. The LNG Aquarius initiated LNG cargo operations in 1977 from the Bontang terminal to Japan and in 1978 was called upon to open the Arun terminal operations to Japan. She was the first 125,000 m3 LNG carrier to deliver a full cargo. The last of the eight vessels entered service in early 1980. With the exception of a brief period of lay-up of the LNG Aquarius, all vessels have been in continuous operation. During periods of less than 100% capacity cargo demand, sea speed is reduced, usually more so on the ballast leg than the loaded leg, to maintain the desired schedule. With exception of three voyages of the LNG Aquarius from Das Island in the Arabian Gulf to Tokyo, the vessels have loaded at the two Indonesian terminal and discharged at four receiving terminals in southern Japan. The fleet has always been under United States registry with 100% American manning. As of mid-1990, 1,801 cargoes have been lifted (219,831,449 m3 delivered)

The number of ship-days lost due to mechanical problems with equipment have been negligible, with the exception of the failure of the tail shaft of the LNG Libra in 1981. This required the ship-to-ship transfer of a full cargo to the LNG Leo, which was accomplished without incident in Davao Harbor in the Philippines Islands and is described in Reference 2.

Paper Delivered by:

EG Tornay (Energy Transportation Corporation, New York)
RA Gilmore (Energy Transportation Corporation, New York)
J Feskos (American Bureau of Shipping, USA)

Prepared for:
Gastech Amsterdam 1990 

Title: Service longevity of the ‘LNG Aquarius’ class vessels. (eBook)
Product Code: 4433g062
Published Date: January 1990

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