Shipping and Airfreight Documentation for Importers and Exporters & Associated Terms, 2nd Edition

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December 1998

Shipping and Airfreight Documentation for Importers and Exporters & Associated Terms, 2nd Edition

(Excludes any applicable taxes)

Latest edition of guide to import/export shipping and airfreight practice documents

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Explaining the most important documents in import/export shipping and airfreight practice, this greatly enhanced second edition contains 85% new material and nearly 100 documents.
Includes airfreight, chartering, commercial certificates, dangerous cargo, documentary credits, finance, insurance, liner conference, road transport and shipboard certificates, plus the ISM documentation code.
A description of each document is followed by checklists and helpful notes concerning their source, purpose, use, function and legal context, the procedure for completion, and the organisations and countries that ratify it.


Preface to the Second Edition


Scope of Book

1 Air Freight: Commercial

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Air Waybill

1.3 (Air) Cargo Arrival Notice

1.4 House Air Waybill

1.5 Instructions for Dispatch of Goods

1.6 DHL Shipment Air Waybill

1.7 Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals

2 Chartering: Sea Transport

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Barecon 89 Charter Party and Linertime Bill of Lading

2.3 (Chartering) Disbursements Account

2.4 Nubaltwood Charter Party and Nubaltwood Bill of Lading

2.5 Orevoy Charter Party and Orevoybill Bill of Lading

2.6 Gencon Charter Party and Congenbill Bill of Lading

2.7 Scancon Charter Party and Scanconbill Bill of Lading

2.8 Slothire Charter Party

2.9 Standard Time Sheet (short form) (Voyage Charter Party)

2.10 Standard Statement of Facts (oil and chemical tank vessels) (short form) (Voyage Charter Party)

2.11 Shipbrokers and Agents Contracts

3 Commercial Documents: International Trade

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Certificate of Origin

(a) Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

(b) European Union Certificate of Origin

3.3 Movement Certificate EUR 1

3.4 Declaration of Particulars Relating to Customs Value

3.5 Commercial Export Invoice

3.6 Health Certificate

3.7 Master Document

3.8 Pre-shipment Inspection Certificates and Data

(a) Flow Chart

(b) Guide Lines for Exporters

(c)  Import Declaration Form

(d) Physical Inspection Report

(e) Advice to Exporters

3.9 Pro forma Invoice

3.10 Quality Certificate

3.11 Weight Certificate

3.12 ATA Carnet

3.13 ATA Application Form

3.14 ATA Carnet — CIS or Bank Guarantee (Specific) and ATA Carnet Indemnity Proposal Form

3.15 Single Administrative Document (SAD)

3.16 Movement Certificate A.TR - Form C 1232

4 Dangerous Cargo

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Dangerous Goods Note - SOLAS — Labels, Placards, Marks, Signs and Orange Panels

4.3 Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods by Air Dangerous Goods Acceptance Check List by Air

5 Finance: International Trade

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Customer Lodgement Form for the Foreign Bill and/or Documents for collection — the Export Trade Collection/Negotiation Document

5.3 Bill of Exchange

5.4 Customer Lodgement Form for International Money Transfer — Sending a Payment Abroad

5.5 Customer Lodgement Form for an Irrevocable Documentary Credit (Request to open a Documentary Credit)

5.6 Letter of Credit (irrevocable)

5.7 Post Shipment Finance Under Documentary Credits

5.8 Standby Letter of Credit

5.9 Promissory Note

6 Insurance: Marine and Cargo

6.1 Introduction and Marine Insurance Market Diagram

6.2 Certificate of Insurance

6.3 Companies Marine Policy

7 Liner Conferences

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Philippines/Europe Conference: General Cargo Contract (Europe to the Philippines)

7.3 Far Eastern Freight Conference: Eastbound Continental General Cargo Contract (Alternative to Deferred Rebate System)

7.4 (Deferred) Rebate (Freight) Claim Form

8 Miscellaneous Documents

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Memorandum of Agreement (for Sale and Purchase of Ships) — Saleform 1993

8.3 Bill of Sale and “Salescrap 87”

8.4 Standard Crew Management Agreement — Code Name “Crewman”

8.5 International Ocean Towage Agreement (Daily Hire) — Code Name “Tow Hire”

8.6 Standard Marine Fuels Purchasing Contract - Code Name “Fuelcon”

9 Road Transport: International

9.1 Introduction

9.2 CMR International Consignment Note

9.3 Equipment Condition Form

9.4 Equipment Handover Agreement

10 Shipboard Certificates

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Cargo Manifest

10.3 Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate

10.4 Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

10.5 Certificate of First Entry of Classification

10.6 Certificate of Class (of a ship) (Special Survey Assigned)

10.7 Certificate of Class (of a ship) (Special Periodical Survey Motor Tanker Hull and Equipment) (Classification: Maltese Cross LMC Oil Tanker)

10.8 Certificate of Class (of a ship) (Highest Classification: +100 A1 + LMC Oil Tanker)

10.9 Confirmation of Class (of a ship)

10.10 Declaration of Age (of a ship)

10.11 International Load Line Certificate (1966)

10.12 Document of Compliance

10.13 Safety Management Certificate

10.14 Certificate of Compliance — Ship Management — Crew Managers — Ship Managers

10.15 Container Documents (CSC)

11 Shipping Commercial Documents

11.1 Introduction

11.2 Bill of Lading

(a) Common Short form Bill of Lading

(b) Combined Transport or Port to Port Bill of Lading

(c) Multi-Modal and Combined Transport Bill of Lading

(d) House Bill of Lading

11.3 Sea Waybill

11.4 Export Cargo Shipping Instructions

11.5 Standard Shipping Note

11.6 Certificate of Shipment

11.7 FIATA Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR)

11.8 FIATA Multi-Modal Transport Bill of Lading (MTBL)

11.9 Letter of Indemnity

11.10 Haulage Note

11.11 Delivery Order

11.12 Packing List

11.13 Hauliers Receipt/Release Note

11.14 Pre-booking Shipment Document: Booking/Waybill Instruction

Appendix A Incoterms 2000

Appendix B Exportmaster Software

Appendix C International Trade and Shipping Terms and Abbreviations

Title: Shipping and Airfreight Documentation for Importers and Exporters & Associated Terms, 2nd Edition
Number of Pages: 444
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ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-167-1 (9781856091671), ISBN 10: 1-85609-167-8 (1856091678)
Published Date: December 1998
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