Supertankers: Anatomy and Operation

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January 2002

Supertankers: Anatomy and Operation

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The definitive guide to supertankers. This 600-page book features hundreds of illustrations and diagrams and is of enormous interest to the shipping industry, as well as training establishments and universities.

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This sizeable work analyses every aspect of first- and second-generation tankers. At over 600 pages and featuring hundreds of illustrations and diagrams, this title is of enormous interest to the shipping industry, as well as training establishments and universities.

Part One – Introduction

Chapter One – Background

Part Two – The ‘First’ Generation ULCC/VLCC

Chapter Two – Construction

Chapter Three – Hull and Tank Protection

Chapter Four – Deck Gear

Chapter Five – Section Analysis

Chapter Six – Ship Stresses and Stability

Part Three – Operational Techniques

Chapter Seven – Cargo Voyages

Chapter Eight – Tank Cleaning Procedures

Chapter Nine – Deck Duties

Chapter Ten – Bridge Watches and Ship Handling

Chapter Eleven – Anchoring/Berthing/Lightening

Chapter Twelve – Training Deck Cadets

Chapter Thirteen – Life Aboard Supertankers

Part Four – The ‘Second’ Generation VLCC 401

Chapter Fourteen – Double Hull Construction

Chapter Fifteen – Investigating Computers at Sea

Chapter Sixteen – Use of Computers in Navigation

Chapter Seventeen – Other Bridge Computerisation

Chapter Eighteen – Computerised Cargo Control

Part Five – Conclusion

Chapter Nineteen – Supertankers – The Future?

Appendix – Organisations



Inside back cover – General Arrangement and Capacity Plans for each of Single and Double-hulled Supertankers

Dr. Raymond Solly served for a number of years in the Merchant Navy aboard Supertankers following extended experience on deep-sea dry-cargo ships, coasters and ferries. He rose through the ranks from deck cadet to chief officer, achieving command on one occasion following the untimely demise of the ship’s master.

After coming ashore he attended a number of university courses enabling him to qualify as a school master at an East Kent HMC independent school. He retains active interest in the sea as a marine author and Lieutenant-Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve. Amongst other naval duties, he organizes and teaches coastal navigation and radar courses to potential merchant navy deck cadets, and Royal Naval midshipmen, through the School of Maritime Operations in HMS. “DRYAD”, and on the Naval Proficiency courses at HMS “RALEIGH”, as well as practical sea training. He also lectures extensively on ‘matters maritime’ to a number if shipping organizations.

Title: Supertankers: Anatomy and Operation
Number of Pages: 600
Product Code: 4400W135
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-181-7 (9781856091817), ISBN 10: 1-85609-181-3 (1856091813)
Published Date: January 2002
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 40 mm
Weight: 2.10 kg
Author: Dr Raymond Solly

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