Fresh Air in Dark Places




A ship is a collection of spaces, whether they are confined, enclosed, dangerous or otherwise, and most must be entered at some time for cleaning, inspection or maintenance. People on board a ship, particularly at sea, operate in one of the healthiest work locations known, but these routine activities can cause the death of a seafarer in a matter of minutes. It is with this in mind that the description of ‘dark places’ comes to mind.


The authors, Olaf and Erik Olsen, first considered this book after reading yet another account of an enclosed space tragedy resulting in the fatality of merchant seafarers. Despite the fact that the merchant marine world has been provided with guidance, regulation and codes to prevent such accidents, they still continue to happen.
Rather than producing yet another set of best practices, it is hoped that the informative style of this book explains the hazards associated with the activity of entering confined spaces.

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Olaf Olsen
Erik Olsen
Publication date:

April 2009
287 pages