BIMCO's Holiday Calendar 2021 (eBook)

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BIMCO's Holiday Calendar 2021 (eBook)

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The Holiday Calendar 2021 lists the general holidays for each country, as well as the operating hours of the country’s main ports and terminals. This new edition has been revised to offer even better coverage, reliability and transparency.

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This publication is the most trusted and unbiased source of worldwide holidays and working hours in the shipping industry. It is an essential reference when voyage planning and negotiating charter parties and to help avoid disputes with third parties.


The most significant improvements in this edition are:


  • Increased focus on local and regional holidays
  • Exclusion of conditional and labour agreement holidays and greatly improved verification of entries supported by local, legal documentation to ensure reliability
  • holiday legislation is reflected at national, regional and municipality level.


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Note: BIMCO members have access to the data included in this publication on the BIMCO website.


Albania – Republic of Yemen
General holidays applying throughout the countries/states, local holidays and working hours at the various ports, all listed alphabetically


One of the cornerstones of BIMCO is to support members’ businesses by delivering practical tools, advice and guidance. An example is the indispensable voyage planning tool: the BIMCO Holiday Calendar. Access to the Holiday Calendar data is offered to members on the BIMCO website. The printed version is available for purchase for everyone in the industry and offered with a discount to BIMCO members. Support and advice relating to holiday information – a benefit exclusive to BIMCO members – is not included when purchasing the printed holiday calendar. Should our members prefer a direct connection between their systems and the BIMCO Holiday database, we suggest utilising our public released API. To get access please forward your request to [email protected], and we will guide you through the application process.


It is not unusual that charterers and owners agree to be guided by the BIMCO Holiday Calendar in order to avoid any doubt over what is considered a holiday under the charter party. Where differences occur between what is stated in the Holiday Calendar and actual experience, either about holidays or working hours, we recommend members to seek information on the BIMCO website which is continually updated. This may initially explain a discrepancy.
Should there still be disagreements about the actual dates, we recommend that members contact BIMCO for advice using [email protected] We will utilise our network and reliable sources and provide assistance and guidance to the extent applicable information is available to us.
The Holiday Calendar provides details on holidays on the following levels:




In general, holidays can be categorized as follows:




Fixed holidays in context of the Holiday Calendar are fixed in accordance with the Gregorian/western calendar. As such, they will fall on the same date each year in the calendar. Movable holidays might as well be fixed, but in accordance with other calendars such as the Islamic lunar calendar which itself is subject to observations – not calculations. Relative holidays are fixed in accordance with other events – e.g. Ascension Day – or calculated – e.g. (western) Easter.


Additional information on the port working hours is provided for various ports. The details for working hours may include:


Ordinary/overtime hours
Shift work possibilities
Restrictions or limitations on certain days.




Review of the 2020 version of the BIMCO Holiday Calendar:


The Laytime Team, Ocean Transportation department, Cargill: “We use the BIMCO Holiday calendar book for checking our laytime calculations and the calendar serves as a good and solid reference. Having the BIMCO Holiday calendar book at hand is essential and not to mention, it makes our lives easy in case of a dispute with our counterparts. The BIMCO Holiday Calendar is no doubt a book that offers carefully collated holiday information from all over the world which is information that is very much needed in our line of work and which we trust to have our information verified against.”


BIMCO is the world’s largest direct-membership organisation for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents. In total, around 60% of the world’s merchant fleet is a BIMCO member, measured by tonnage (weight of the unloaded ships).

The organisation has NGO status and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices in Athens, Singapore and Shanghai.

With around 1900 member companies across 120 countries – from the largest shipowners in the world to small local port agents and law firms, BIMCO represents a wide range of maritime companies and organisations.

BIMCO’s goal is to secure a level playing field for the global shipping industry. BIMCO therefore works to promote and secure global standards and regulations for the maritime sector. The organisation’s century long effort into creating standard contracts and clauses is an expression of that aim.

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