Cargo Notes, 2nd Edition

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August 2009

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Cargo Notes, 2nd Edition

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Studying for any Certificate of Competency can be a daunting task, not made easier by the need to plough through weighty textbooks and legislative publications. Cargo Notes provides a comprehensive and usable alternative, covering the key sections of the Cargo Syllabus for Deck Officers/OOW and summarising all relevant legislation and codes.

A handy, usable guide for anyone studying towards a certificate of competency, Cargo Notes is a comprehensive guide to the key sections of the cargo syllabus for Deck Officers/OOW.

Split into two sections covering both dry and liquid and gas cargoes, Cargo Notes provides key points and summaries on all relevant Legislation and Codes and an Operational Overview for all of the main cargo types, from Bulk Carriers, RoRos, Reefers and Containers through to Tankers and Liquefied Gas Carriers.


Cargo Planning
Stowage Factor & Broken Stowage
Separation and Marking of Cargo
Cargo Documentation
Hold Preparation
Use of Dunnage
Cargo Ventilation
Cargo Gear: Derricks
Cargo Gear: Cranes
Cargo Gear: Specialised
Cargo Gear: Accessories
Cargo Gear: Testing & Maintenance
Precautions for Heavy Lift
Deck Cargoes: Stowage & Securing
Timber Deck Cargoes
CSS Code
Cargo Securing Manual
Containers: Types
Containers: Stowage
Containers: Lashing
Ro-Ro Cargoes: Stowage & Securing
Reefer Cargoes: Prior Loading
Reefer Cargoes: Cargo Care
Bulk Cargoes: BC Code
Bulk Cargoes: BLU Code
Bulk Cargoes: Hazards
Bulk Cargoes: Documentation
Bulk Cargoes: Cargo Operations
Bulk Cargoes: Hazardous Cargoes in Bulk
Bulk Cargoes: Coal
Bulk Cargoes: Grain
Bulk Cargoes: Steel
Bulk Cargoes: Iron Ore
Bulk Cargoes: Reporting Requirements
Packaged Dangerous Goods: IMDG Code
IMDG Code: Classes
IMDG Code: Stowage
IMDG Code: Segregation
IMDG Code: Emergencies
IMDG Code: Reporting Requirements
Miscellaneous Dry Cargo Calculations


Oil & Product Cargoes: Hazards
Oil & Product Cargoes: Instruments
Oil & Product Cargoes: Pipeline Systems
Oil & Product Cargoes: Venting Systems
Inert Gas Plant: Requirements
Inert Gas Plant: Layout
Inert Gas Plant: Operation & Alarms
Ship-Shore Safety Checklist
Oil & Product Cargoes: Loading
Oil & Product Cargoes: Cargo Care
Oil & Product Cargoes: Discharging
Crude Oil Washing: Requirements
Crude Oil Washing: Hazards
Crude Oil Washing: Operations
Oil & Product Cargoes: Gas-Freeing
Oil & Product Cargoes: MARPOL Requirements
Oil & Product Cargoes: ODME & Oily Water Separators
Oil & Product Cargoes: Cargo Calculations
Chemical Cargoes: IBC Code
Chemical Cargoes: Hazards
Chemical Cargoes: Ship-Shore Safety Checklist
Chemical Cargoes: Ship Types
Chemical Cargoes: Operations
Chemical Cargoes: Tank Cleaning
Chemical Cargoes: MARPOL Requirements
Gas Cargoes: IGC Code
Gas Cargoes: Hazards
Gas Cargoes: Ship-Shore Safety Checklist
LPG: Ship Types
LPG: Cargo Operations
LPG: Reliquefaction
LNG: Ship Types
LNG: Cargo Operations


General Principles
Duties of the OOW in Port
Entry into Enclosed Spaces & Permit to Work Systems
Means of Access & Safe Movement


Cargo Definitions
SI 336 – Carriage of Cargoes Regulations
Extracts from COSWP
Extracts from STCW 95
Loadline Zones

Dhananjay Swadi has over 12 years’ experience at sea on a wide variety of ships, including container ships, gas tankers and bulk carriers, culminating as a Chief Officer with Maersk. In addition to his Master’s certificate, Mr Swadi also has a master’s degree in Marine Policy with a distinction from Cardiff University. Until recently, Mr Swadi was a lecturer at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies teaching a wide variety of subjects including Cargowork, Marine Law and Maritime Economics. In January 2006, he joined Northern Marine Management as Manning Manager.

Title: Cargo Notes, 2nd Edition
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 216
Product Code: WS1036K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-61-1 (9781905331611), ISBN 10: 1-905331-61-4 (1905331614)
Published Date: August 2009
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 180 mm
Book Width: 120 mm
Book Spine: 10 mm
Weight: 0.30 kg
Author: Dhananjay Swadi

Customer Reviews

useful Review by Chinthaka Amarasinghe
handy book (Posted on 27/07/2011)
Cargo Notes 2nd Edition Review by Cadet, Mentoring Scheme, The Honourable Company of Master Mariners, November 2009
Cargo Notes 2nd Edition by Dhananjay Swadi is quite possibly the best book/set of notes that I have in my possession as an Officer Cadet on the subject of cargo operations. This is thanks to a number of key factors:Firstly, the book is of a convenient enough size and weight to easily put in one’s luggage and take onboard ship, without requiring something else to be left at home. This is an advantage over similar publications and course notes which are usually a lot bulkier, and difficult to take on ship. Due to its small size it can also fit into the pocket on a boiler suit, and is therefore a useful source of information relating to cargo to have when on deck during operations.
The second factor(s) is ease of use, clarity and relevance. The book is laid out in two sections: dry cargoes and liquid and gas cargoes. Every aspect of cargo which the OOW needs to know is easily indexed for quick use, and contains many colourful diagrams and photos to illustrate clearly the point the author is trying to make. The information itself does not just mumble on about the most finite details as is often the case with most subject notes, instead it focuses on the points the OOW actually needs to know, not all the irrelevant ones as well, and in my opinion it does this very well.

The third factor is reliability. This may seem a bit of an unusual thing to write about, but I have read a number of subject notes, including notes given to Cadets at Warsash, which sometimes contain contradicting and even out of date information, where notes have obviously been compiled using several different older publications. This is not the case with these notes, as just by looking at the bibliography it is clear to see that the most up to date, official publications have been used, which is good for the Cadet preparing for MCA Orals, as well as for current OOWs to keep in line with modern requirements.

The final factor which makes Cargo Notes 2nd Edition by Dhananjay Swadi so good, is the inclusion of annexes at the back, which are an excellent source of reference on principles and operational guidance for Deck Officers when in charge of a cargo watch in port. Eight different MGNs are contained within this section, which also makes it an extremely useful aid to revision for Cadets about to sit their MCA Orals, as it tells them the MCA literature they need to be aware of.' (Posted on 01/08/2009)

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