Cargo Ventilation: A Guide to Good Practice

Published Date

August 2019

Cargo Ventilation: A Guide to Good Practice

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This unique illustrated guide for masters, ships’ officers and others associated with the carriage of cargo explains how to avoid problems and disputes arising from incorrect usage of natural and mechanical hold-ventilation systems on cargo ships. Incorrect use of ventilation can lead to cargo damage from ship’s sweat, cargo sweat, rainwater or seaspray.

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The guide addresses the key cargo ventilation questions of why, when, what and how, with particular emphasis on the application and pitfalls of the dew-point and three-degree rules. The guide works on various levels, with a quick reference section supplemented by practical guidance and considerations, plus a scientific background for those wishing to understand the underlying principles.

Title: Cargo Ventilation: A Guide to Good Practice
Product Code: WS1706K
Published Date: August 2019
Weight: 0.70 kg
Author: The North of England P&I Association Ltd

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