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May 2017

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Check Before Fixing 2017

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This guide explains the principles of chartering and other shipping transactions and serves as a checklist to refer to during negotiations. It provides practical advice on the interpretation of contractual terms and highlights potential areas of ambiguity. It also reflects recent legal developments and current commercial practice and includes a new section on cyber security.

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This publication provides essential information on the areas to consider before committing to a contract. It will help you avoid potential pitfalls during negotiations and understand the consequences of commercial decisions.


The ‘Worth knowing’ chapter sets out enquiries received by BIMCO on a wide range of chartering problems and advises how similar situations may be clarified and resolved.


The new chapter on cyber security looks at types of cyber attack against companies and ships and outlines measures to raise cyber security awareness.


Other topics include ship operational requirements, with reference to ship safety and marine pollution prevention, and maritime security, including piracy and the ISPS Code.


The Appendix lists INL definitions and security acronyms and provides examples of standard form letters of indemnity.

• Voyage chartering
• Time chartering
• Booking note
• Bill of lading
• Worth knowing
• Ship operational requirements
• Maritime security
• Cyber security
• The advantages of BIMCO membership
• Appendix

Most charter party related queries that are answered by BIMCO are about problems arising after a contract has been signed. Check Before Fixing is intended to be an essential tool for use before committing to a contract: after all, prevention is better than cure.


This guide has been a useful tool on the basic principles in daily chartering and other shipping transactions for over 30 years and serves as an indispensable checklist to refer to during your negotiations. The latest edition reflects recent legal developments and current commercial practice. It also includes a valuable new section on cyber security.


We hope you enjoy this new edition and benefit from the expertise and experiences highlighted in the “Worth knowing” section. Check Before Fixing provides you with comprehensive information and advice to help you avoid any pitfalls in your negotiations and understand the consequences of your commercial decisions.

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Title: Check Before Fixing 2017
Number of Pages: 380
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ISBN: ISBN 13: 9788790342623, ISBN 10: 8790342623
Published Date: May 2017
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