Claims & Loss of Profits Insurance

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April 1994

Claims & Loss of Profits Insurance

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Practical guide to loss of profits insurance


No. OF PAGES: 152

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Explains the main features of a loss of profits policy of insurance, dealing in particular with practical applications when a claim under the policy is being considered.
Chapters include: Introduction to final accounts; Policy definitions; Policy cover – gross profit, indemnity period, turnover, adjustments clause; Policy cover – increase in cost of working, admissible additional expenditure; and Savings in charges and expenses.

Author(s): Walmsley, R. M.
Published: 1994
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 10: 189819503X ISBN 13: 9781898195030

Chapter 1. Introductin to final accounts; variable and fixed costs


Chapter 2. The insured; the business; the premises


Chapter 3. Gross profit; indemnity period; turnover; adjustments clause


Chapter 4. Rate of Gross Profit - speciment accounts and calculations


Chapter 5. Increase in cost of working; admissible additional expenditure


Chapter 6. Increase in cost of working (continued); savings in charges and expenses


Chapter 7. The sum insured - establishing the sum insured and checking adequacy


Chapter 8. Dual basis wages; cover and specimen loss calculation


Chapter 9. Salvage sales, accumulated stocks, etc




Appendix A Specimen policies and clauses


Appendix B List of cases

Appendix C Precis of cases


Appendix D Speciment accounts and chart



Title: Claims & Loss of Profits Insurance
Number of Pages: 152
Product Code: 4405Q066
ISBN: ISBN 10: 1-898195-03-X (189819503X)
Published Date: April 1994
Binding Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.20 kg

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