Shell - Competency Development

Client: Shell International Trading and Shipping Company (STASCo)
Project title: "Professional Skills Development Initiative"
Date: February 2004

The Requirement: 

Shell required a customised ‘early indicator’ system designed to further develop the competence and core skills of the staff serving on their owned and managed vessels.

This system would become a key part of Shell's drive to enhance the efficiency of the team of fleet trainers, and thus further broaden operational knowledge among their staff. 

The Solution: 

During the assessment of the process whereby individual training needs of all officers within the STASCo fleet were identified, the company decided a computer based system was better suited to the complexity and volume.

The Witherby Seamanship solution was to develop PSDI which works on a simulated interview principle. The trainer enters the seafarer's name, rank and vessel and this prompts a random selection of questions covering three sections: Industry generic (deck or engine), company specific and vessel specific.

This process, the first stage of the development of a personal training plan for the individual officer, includes constructive feedback and one-to-one training.

PSDI went through a pilot testing period in Feb 2004 and a "lite" version was implemented across the fleet in Feb 2005.


Client Comments: 

Steve Burns, company training superintendent at Stasco, said that the training regime would be deployed across 26 LNG carriers and 20 oil tankers, to train 900 officers.

He said that the key to its appeal lay in a 60-question test faced by deck and engineer officers, which draws on a database of 5,600 possible questions.

The answers given are designed to provide a 'career snapshot' and identify areas where more training may be required.

Mr Burns said that the tests were designed to be conducted by fleet trainers on board ship. Critically, they were based on open questions.