Clyde Marine Training

Client: Clyde Marine
Project title: "Officer Recruitment"
Date: July 2004

The Requirement: 

Clyde Marine felt a strong need for a more appropriate solution to the problem of attracting and educating potential applicants for careers at sea.

This needed a presentation that would clearly explain not just career opportunities, entry qualifications, medical requirements etc but also give accounts of life at sea, the different types of trade and the experience of working on differing ship types.

Clyde Marine wanted to ensure that prospective cadets had accurate expectations of life at sea, but were keen that whilst ensuring the realities were understood the attractions of the career were made clear also.

The Solution: 

We prepared a multimedia CD ROM that educated potential entrants to the marine industry about life at sea, the roles onboard ship, career opportunities and information on the deck and engineer officer courses available.

Since this project was delivered, Witherby Seamanship has gone on to create recruitment CD's for countries such as China, India and Russia.


Client Comments: 

“Witherby Seamanship have delivered a disc that has exceeded our expectations, and is exactly what we require as a vehicle to promote our company and careers in the maritime industry. Throughout the development, Witherby Seamanship never failed to impress us and have left us delighted with the finished product”.

Joyce Downie (Director)
Clyde Marine Training Ltd