Northern Marine - Navigation Advanced Coaching Tool

Client: Northern Marine Management
Project title: "Navigational Coaching Tool"
Date: November 2005

The Requirement:

Northern Marine Management (NMM) wanted to find a solution to navigational competency assessment, both at interview stage and for existing staff, in response to the continuing high levels of casualties through grounding and collision in the Marine Industry.
A system was needed that would be applicable to all aspects of the (NMM) business, including tanker operations and RoRo ferries.
The system needed to be able to operate on either a standalone basis or within a networked office environment. It needed to be realistic, flexible, sensitive to the needs of those without English as a first language and, most importantly of all, able to provide a detailed report on areas of strength, weakness and where remedial action may be required. 

The Solution:

Witherby Seamanship reviewed and researched statistics and details of collisions and groundings of all types to provide a list of 130 detailed scenarios that would be used to test navigational awareness and competence skills.
During the research, we also developed a simulator style dashboard that provides a number of different options including engine management, course change, increases to the bridge team, equipment option, allowing a realistic response to be provided by the candidate.
The system provides for a detailed assessment, including understanding of Collision Regs; Company Navigation Procedures including bridge organisation & individual's duties as part of Bridge Team Management; Navigating with a Pilot on board; Restricted visibility; Entering & leaving Ports; Autopilot / Hand steering.



More Information

Screen shots from the navigational assessment program can be reviewed by downloading the following presentation:

Northern Marine Management "Navigational Coaching Tool" PowerPoint