V.Ships - Boxed Set Training

Client: V.Ships
Website: www.vships.com
Project title: "Boxed Set Training"
Date: November 2004

The Requirement: 

V.Ships sought to implement an effective training and reference solution onboard its technically managed fleet. The brief was to find products that were applicable to both Deck and Engineer Officers. 

The Solution: 

V.Ships had already used Witherby Seamanship's training material in their regional training centres successfully for 2 years.  In 2004 they decided to implement V.Ships branded boxed sets of 9 titles from our catalogue of books & CD Roms for each of their 200 technically managed ships.

The boxed sets Covered a range of topics from Deck and Engineer officer training to Safety and oil tanker reference material. Different sets were prepared for the tanker and non-tanker fleets.