V.Ships - Budgeting

Client: V.Ships
Website: www.vships.com
Project title: "Ship-management Budgeting"
Date: September 2004

The Requirement: 

To develop the latest generation vessel budgeting program that would integrate with V.Ships proprietary ShipSure package.

This development amalgamated the existing V.Ships and Acomarit systems and incorporated the latest required enhancements and improved functionality.

The Solution: 

The project required a rapid application development with several key stages.
A thorough 'Development Specification' was prepared encompassing the high-level methodologies and underpinning requirement's and dependencies, once the client was in acceptance of this spec, programming commenced over a 2 month period with the final month devoted to user acceptance test's.

A dedicated project manager was appointed with a team of 7 programmer's during the initial 2 month development phase and 3 programmer's involved in the user acceptance testing phase.


Client Comments: 

“It was essential to us to find a consultancy in which we had 110% confidence for this key project. Witherby Seamanship International impressed us immensely not only with their swift and accurate grasp of our needs, but also the determination and dedication they displayed from the outset. They delivered a professional presentation in only eight days to win the business and from project commencement they have consistently delivered to very tight deadlines. Witherby Seamanship worked very closely with our in-house development and business team and we now have a world class Ship-Management budgeting solution that meets V.Ships exacting standards. 
Witherby Seamanship have throughout been very helpful and co-operative and the project has proceeded without acrimony and with good commitment to our very tight deadlines. We were impressed by the determination of Mr Macneil to succeed”.

Stephen MacFarlane V.Ships Group Information Systems Manager