Company Background....

Today, Seamanship International a young company holding traditional values, continues to expand. In 2004 we moved to Strathclyde Business Park a location ideally suited to our ever demanding business needs. 

With clients in more than 90 countries and a growing reputation for quality and flair Seamanship continues to attract excellent authors and industry experts as we widen our product base and position ourselves as the premium provider of training materials for the maritime industry.

From Todday to Today... Seamanship International was set up in 1998, initially providing products for officers under the name Todday Publications.

In 2001, as the business began to expand and widen its product base we changed the name to Seamanship International, a name designed to better appeal to our client base and market.

Competency Developing from the Outset
From the very beginning the company focussed on the market need for competency based products for deck and engineer officers and within 6 months of launch the first product was being used by Seafarers in over 40 countries around the world. 

We recognised early on that the industry was changing in respect of its training and assessment needs. Gone are the days of passive video watching and disinterested group training sessions. Instead the modern marine company wants to understand exactly how competent and engaged its officers and crew are. They need materials and reporting mechanisms that  fully meet the demands of those requirements.

We Kept Listening
Our clients continually tell us what they want, and sometimes they surprise us by their requests. So in 2004, after much discussion and not a little disbelief, we produced our first "traditional" book. 

Now a best-seller, and after its immediate and enthusiastic take-up by the market, we realised there was a hunger for well presented and easy to use reference books and by the end of 2004 the next was in print and plans for several more in progress.

 Adapting with Market Challenges
By the end of 2002 we had built up a catalogue of 25 training and reference CD ROM's for seafarers.  Around this time we started to attract the attention of the shipping companies who wished to commission customised training material, a challenge we felt more than ready for. First 'bespoke' training projects were delivered during 2003.


....will be where our clients take us.