ASNAv Patch

Modifications covered by the patch

  1. it isn't possible anymore to enter the same departure and arrival positions for great circle calculations (1.191).
  2. the ETA calculation sheet minimum speed, maximum speed and interval are limited to values which cannot generate errors (1.191).
  3. small corrections of editing behaviour in great circle and ETA calculation sheets (1.192).
  4. rhumb line calculations could fail if the arrival and departure latitudes were very close but not exactly equal (special case already taken into account). This happened sometimes during the calculations of intermediate rhumb lines connecting the points of a great circle. This is fixed (1.192).
  5. the default time used in the observations grid is:
    • when the user press [Space] or double click the cell:
      • the computer system time saved by the stopwatch icon or [F5]
      • if not valid, the previous time in the cell
      • if not valid, the time of the same cell in the previous row
      • if not valid, the time of the estimated position
      • if not valid, the current computer date
    • when the user press another key:
      • the last edited value
      • if not valid, the current computer date (but in both cases the first digit is replaced by the pressed key if possible) (1.192).
  6. the numeric results sheet is now displaying the original course and speed (before possible corrections by ASNAv algorithm). These original course and speed are also saved in the observations file (*.OBS) instead of the corrected course and speed (1.192).
  7. the fields accessible by [TAB] in the observations input form (tab 1) are changed (1.193).
  8. the Vertex position calculation with full accuracy could fail if very close to the departure or arrival position. This is fixed (1.194).
  9. the rhumb line calculation with full accuracy could fail if the departure and arrival position were nearly equal. This is corrected (1.194).
  10. suppression of the splash screen when the program starts. The splash screen could cause problems with low-end PCs unable to display the video animation (1.194)

This patch applies to
Version 1.19 of the software.
This patch should only be used with the AsNav software that is included with Seamanship Navigator's Assistant (or Second Mates Assistant).
The AsNav program included in Seamanship's Celestial Navigation package is already updated and this patch should not be used with it.

How to apply the patch
To apply the patch, download the ASNAv file (697 KB), extract it to a directory of your choice, open this directory and run (double-click on) the ASNAv Patch.exe file.