Frequently Asked Questions about DeltaWin

How to enter waypoints in DeltaPlan?
Delta PLAN uses the black edit boxes on top of the waypoints grid to input / correct waypoints:

To add a waypoint, click Add. Click on the second black box, enter the waypoint name, then [TAB], then the latitude (e.g 10 [TAB] 25.3 [TAB] S for 10 degrees 25.3 minutes South), then [TAB], then the longitude, then [TAB], then R for a rhumb line or G for a great circle. Click OK.
To enter the second waypoint, click Add. And so on...
To edit a waypoint, select a grid line and edit this line in the black edit boxes.  
If you look to the Help file (menu Help - DeltaWin Help), you will find the full explanations.

Known Problems
Program crashes when I click Display/Print on the Great Circle Plotting screen

Even when the 'Print Great Circle Plotting' box is unchecked, the program tries to access the printer to format the great circle page results according to your paper size, etc... and an error is generated because there is no printer.
To solve your problem, just install a default printer driver on your machine (exact steps vary slightly on different PC's and versions of Windows; usually something like Start - Settings - Printers - Add Printer or Start - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - Add a Printer)  If you don't have a printer at all, just choose Generic - Generic/Text only. This will avoid the error message

N.B. You don't need to have a printer attached, just tell Windows you want to install one - If you don't have a printer at all then for ease choose the following options:

install a local printer, using the LPT1 port, DO NOT let windows automatically detect your printer - just select one such as Generic - Generic/Text only from the list of printers Windows can install automatically.