Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7  - All Users Guide

If your computer is running Vista or Windows 7 32-bit as Operating System, you need to change the default installation folder in order to have the software working properly.

During the installation process, when the following screen is displayed:

Click Browse… and edit the installation path to (for instance) C:\Apps\ASNAv instead of C:\Program Files\ASNAv.

You can choose any folder name except \Program Files or the other system folders like \Windows.

The destination subfolder \ASNAv is only an example; it will vary with your actual product.

This problem is caused by the extra security measures of Windows Vista/Windows 7. These measures prevent our unlock system to run properly inside the \Program Files folder.

The above solution is working on a standard Vista/Windows 7 installation. It could not work on a PC where additional software restriction policies have been activated (like preventing a program to run outside the \Program Files folder or locking down the machine).

The software is not currently compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems.

To check the version of your operating system, go to the Start menu, right-click on ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’.