Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Stability OOW and ROR at Sea Guide

If your computer is running Vista/Windows 7 32-bit as Operating System, you need to change the default installation folder in order to have the software working properly.

During the installation process, when the following screen is displayed:


Click Browse… and edit the installation path to (for instance) C:\Apps\ASNAv instead of C:\Program Files\ASNAv.


You can choose any folder name except \Program Files or the other system folders like \Windows.

The destination subfolder \ASNAv is only an example; it will vary with your actual product.

 In addition, you need to run the program with administrator rights when unlocking it (right-click on the program icon and select 'Run as Administrator'). Otherwise, the unlock code will be requested again at the next run.

ROR at SEA is not working anymore from the CD with Windows Vista/Windows 7. You need to install it on your computer hard disc.

These problems are caused by the extra security measures of Windows Vista/Windows 7. These measures prevent our unlock system to run properly inside the \Program Files folder.

The above solution is working on a standard Vista/Windows 7 installation. It could not work on a PC where additional software restriction policies have been activated (like preventing a program to run outside the \Program Files folder or locking down the machine).

To check the version of your operating system, go to the Start menu, right-click on ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’.