What we do

We Listen
Working with our Clients

Witherby Seamanship begins each new project with a detailed discussion where we ask many questions and listen carefully to the answers.
We build up a picture of the client's training needs and the corporate objectives they support.
Existing training materials are reviewed and if appropriate built in to the suggested solution. 

We Understand
Getting it right...

We work with the client to ensure that key messages are not lost and that what is important is fully conveyed to the user.
Working through available subject materials we distil the key facts and agree how understanding of them can be assessed.
Finally we agree the best and most appropriate mechanism for provision of both the materials and the assessment.

We Design
Creating the material...

Next we design and prepare the training materials or the project items in the best manner to suit the audience and their varied need. This could be:

  • Printed materials such as books
  • multimedia rich CBT 
  • question database's
  • any other effective means arrived at that will best implement your training message.

Often it is found that a combination of material types will provide the best solution.

We Prepare
Information Gathering...

Any system that creates usable information is likely to be only as good as the interpretation of the data that is out-putted. Witherby Seamanship uses software to collect and distribute the data gathered and where appropriate reports, print outs or search filters will be provided.

We Inform
Teaching Approach...

It is believed that there is no single approach that advances a student’s understanding better than all other.  However, it is recognised that certain design principles are important:

  •     Content should be built around the necessary material 
  •     Always focus on what is worth understanding
  •     Clarify the way in which the knowledge is to be subsequently used  
  •     Provide assessment that gives feedback

You Get Meaningful Data
Measuring Effectiveness...

Training systems work best when implemented as part of a wider program that is backed by feedback and follow up.
Witherby Seamanship will work with the client to implement an assessment system suited to need. This could be any one of, or a combination of, the following:

  • Basic multiple choice 
  • instructor led interactive study  
  • intelligent assessment systems that allow for free text entry of answers

Together We Succeed
 A Successful Project is Achieved:

  • When your corporate objectives are met
  • when your line managers fully support the project 
  • when your management team onboard are in support 
  • when your officers and crew fully support the project and recognise the company's commitment to their development.