Collisions: How to Avoid Them

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August 2019

Collisions: How to Avoid Them

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The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGs) are the foundations upon which safe navigation and conduct of vessels are built. Designed specifically for use on ships' bridges, North P&I club's loss prevention guide on the COLREGs is intended to provide practical advice to all watchkeepers, from cadets to masters and inspecting officers, on the key collision avoidance rules. It is also intended to serve as a focus for discussion in bridge team meetings, at on-board training sessions, during a quiet watch or in the mess room. The 12 rules discussed in the guide are those that are most often misinterpreted and appear to have been breached time and again when collisions occur.

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This guide demonstrates how these rules fit together and how the interpretation and application of each of them can be influenced, sometimes wrongly, by the vast mass of information now available from electronic aids to navigation. At the end of this guide is a series of collision case studies and simple plotting sheets, which readers can use to illustrate developing situations while on watch. The case studies and the questions they ask are designed to be the starting point for wide-ranging discussions on all aspects of collision avoidance.

Title: Collisions: How to Avoid Them
Product Code: WS1707K
Published Date: August 2019
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Author: The North of England P&I Association Ltd

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