Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers (eBook)

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July 2020

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Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers (eBook)

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This publication outlines the various types of corrosion and how they affect the metals and alloys used in marine engineering. It discusses methods of corrosion protection and examines how system design can best avoid corrosion. It also looks at specific environmental corrosion in boilers, gas turbines and fresh water cooling systems.

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This guide to corrosion describes the mechanisms of different types of corrosion, including electrochemical and mechanically assisted corrosion. It also includes a detailed analysis of metals and alloys, including guidance on where they may be found on board, their vulnerability to corrosion and suitable protection systems. The various protection systems and their application are examined, including painting, cathodic protection, chemical treatments and metal coatings.


The publication also looks at practical design considerations that can help reduce corrosion, focusing on structural systems and designs to avoid cavitation erosion and impingement corrosion.





1. Introduction to Marine Corrosion


2. Metals and Alloys Used in Marine Engineering


3. Corrosion Protection


4. Design to Avoid Corrosion


5. Specific Environmental Problems





The content contained in this revised edition has been edited and updated, and in some circumstances examples of technologies that are no longer relevant have been removed or information updated. Please note, however, that in essence the content is still from the original version of the publication and may contain references to technologies or regulations that are now only applicable to older ships.


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Title: Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers (eBook)
Number of Pages: 82
Product Code: IT103242
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-927-1
Published Date: July 2020
Author: IMarEST

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