Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record 2nd Edition

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April 2018

Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record 2nd Edition

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The MNTB has produced the Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record (ETO CR) so that seafarers can demonstrate the sea time competence requirements as part of the MCA Electro-Technical Certificate of Competency. 

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The ETOCR includes the arrangements for Electro-Technical Officer Certificate of Competency, details of practical and funding support and sets out the onboard training tasks required for certification.


Preface: Interim arrangements for Electro-Technical Certificate of Competency until 1 January 2020

Practical and funding support for the ETO Certificate of Competency

Your contact details

Guidance for the use and completion of the Officer Competency Record

Records of certification, sea service and specimen signatures

Ancillary or Additional Training Certificates achieved

Sea Service Record

Specimen Signatures of Chief Engineers and Ship Superintendents authorised to sign off Competences

Marine National Occupational Standards



Electro-technical Operations

Marine Engineering and Electro-Technical Maintenance

Operational Management

This Officer Competency Record (OCR) is published by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) and approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). It is for use by experienced seafarers to provide documentary evidence of service and competence as an ETO, or in carrying out the functions of an ETO on board ship, in order to apply for an ETO Certificate of Competency.


On completion, the OCR will provide evidence that the experience gained on-board meets MCA requirements as part of the process of evaluating competence for the issue of a certificate of competency. Sections 2 and 4 must be completed for MCA Notice of Eligibility purposes.


Section 2 provides a record of your existing certification, your sea service record and the specimen signatures of Chief Engineer Officers and Ship Superintendents authorised to sign the competences. The MCA needs to be sure that the evidence of signed off competences is authentic and, for this reason, those who sign them must enter their details and sample signatures in the appropriate table in this section. Only competences authenticated in this way will be acceptable to the MCA.


Section 3 contains the Marine National Occupational Standards (NOS) that relate to the competences for which you are providing evidence. The NOS are statements of the knowledge and expected performance, which can be used for information and as reference, to help determine when you have satisfactorily demonstrated the competences covered in section 4.


You should be familiar with the competences and associated duties which are to be undertaken. You should complete all competences, unless the ship type on which sea service was completed or the nature of the trade in which the ship was engaged prevented this, in which case any omissions will have to be justified to the MCA before entry to the oral examination for Electro-Technical certification. Each competence must be signed and dated by the Chief Engineer, or Ship Superintendent.


MCA requirements are that candidates for the ETO certificate of competency must have approved seagoing service of not less than 12 months service in the last five years as ETO or carrying out the functions of an ETO on board ship.

The MNTB is a voluntary body and a part of the UK Chamber of Shipping, the trade association for the UK shipping industry. We work closely with shipping and ship management companies, nautical educational establishments and organisations, seafarer trade unions, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and industry organisations with an interest in seafarer education and training.

The MNTB provides the link to government departments and bodies involved with the shipping industry as well as those involved with the UK skills agenda and education and training developments.  This includes the Department for Transport (DfT), the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS), and UK education regulatory authorities and bodies.  The MNTB works closely with the Maritime Skills Alliance to achieve joint aims with partner organisations in the maritime sector.

We carry out a wide range of careers promotion activities through our ‘Careers at Seabrand.  This is currently under expansion to encompass the full range of careers activity at sea and within the shipping industry ashore and the wider maritime sector.

Title: Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record 2nd Edition
Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 52
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ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-775-8 (9781856097758), ISBN 10: 1-85609-775-7 (1856097757)
Published Date: April 2018
Binding Format: Paperback
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