Model Course 3.22: Flag State Implementation, 2010 Edition (T322E)

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March 2010

Model Course 3.22: Flag State Implementation, 2010 Edition (T322E)

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This course will assist flag State administrations improve the ability of officers in charge to implement the international and national safety, pollution prevention and maritime security standards efficiently. It provides officers of the Maritime Safety Administration with information on the different obligations and duties of the flag State as required by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

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It describes how the flag State administration would efficiently discharge such obligations and duties. This course also covers the international standards and obligations originated from the IMO international conventions and other mandatory instruments, as detailed in IMO Resolution A.996(25), Code for the implementation of mandatory IMO instruments, 2007. Moreover, this course covers the roles of the Maritime Safety Administration with regard to the non-convention ships and the working conditions and occupational safety of seafarers (ILO conventions). The course includes classrooms instructions, supported where necessary by on-job field training.


A​​s a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.  

In other words, its role is to create a level playing-field so that ship operators cannot address their financial issues by simply cutting corners and compromising on safety, security and environmental performance. This approach also encourages innovation and efficiency.

Shipping is a truly international industry, and it can only operate effectively if the regulations and standards are themselves agreed, adopted and implemented on an international basis. And IMO is the forum at which this process takes place.

Title: Model Course 3.22: Flag State Implementation, 2010 Edition (T322E)
Edition: 2010
Number of Pages: 138
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Published Date: March 2010
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