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May 2004

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Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers

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Covers the development of the LPG carrier from the first fully refrigerated ships through to the modern ships currently in service.

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This publication is a full account of the design and development of the fully refrigerated LPG carrier.


Over 100 drawings and 150 photographs are included with technical details of all of the fully refrigerated LPG carriers that have been built or converted.


1. Virtual on Board Inspections

2. French Refrigeration Breakthrough

3. Japanese Pioneers Bridgestone and Mitsubishi

4. First Refrigerated LPG from Ras Tanura Terminal

5. Secondary Barrier Side Hull from A G Weser

6. Conversion and New Buildings from Hitachi Zosen

7. European First from Kockums

8. Verolme Pair for the Ammonia Trade

9. Home Town Shipyard Hawthorn Leslie

10. LPG and LNG Technologies Intertwined at IHI

11. Moss Vaerft and Dokk

12. Scottish Ammonia Carrier Conversion

13. Single Invar LPG Membrane from CNIM

14. Spanish First from Euskalduna

15. Single FRLPG Carrier from Kiel

16. Conversions and Combined Carriers from the USA

17. Semi-Membrane Kasmet from Kawasaki

18. Thyssen Nordseewerke Four for P&O

19. Large and Small from Italy

20. Boelwerf’s Entrepreneurial Audacity

21. French Connection for NKK

22. Scottish Roots for Hyundai Plants

23. Pioneering French Connection at Daewoo

24. New Fully Refrigerated LPG Carrier Design Concept – Ptarmigan


1. Delivery Chronology

2. Original Names

3. Current Names

4. Capacity

5. Lead Ship Dimensions

6. Shipbuilders

7. Previous Names

8. Name Changes

Title: Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers
Number of Volumes: 1
Number of Pages: 314
Product Code: 4400w012
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-266-1 (9781856092661), ISBN 10: 1-85609-266-6 (1856092666)
Published Date: May 2004
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 304 mm
Book Width: 215 mm
Book Spine: 20 mm
Weight: 1.20 kg

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