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September 2000

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Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers

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This publication provides guidance on the specification, purchasing and testing of SPM hawsers. Rope design particulars and documents such as the Offer of Hawser Form and the OCIMF Compliance Certificate are included, ensuring rope manufacturers, purchasers and inspectors are fully informed.

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This publication includes key purchaser information, such as rope size, rope performance and hawser assembly instructions. The packing of hawsers and rope dimensions are illustrated through detailed technical drawings. Each stage of the inspection process is explained and is supported by a checklist and report. The Appendices include key definitions of rope design and quality assurance terminology.

Part A              General Practices and Procedures

                        A-1       General Practices

                        A-2       Compliance with OCIMF Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of                                 SPM Hawsers

                        A-3       OCIMF Compliance Certificate

                        A-4       Other Practices

                        Form    OCIMF Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers                                      Compliance Certificate

Part B              Procedures for Specifying Hawsers

                        B-1       General Procedures

                        B-2       Rope Size

                        B-3       Rope Performance

                        B-4       Rope Construction

                        B-5       Rope Fibre Material

                        B-6       Hawser Assembly

                        B-7       Eyes and Thimbles

                        B-8       Chafe Protection

                        B-9       Auxiliary Gear

                        B-10     Hawser Length

                        B-11     Marking of Hawsers

                        B-12     Packing of Hawsers

                        Figure  Terminology and Dimensions of Eyes and Thimbles

                        Form    Purchase of Specification Form

Part C              Procedures for Offering Hawser

                        C-1       General Procedures

                        C-2       Rope Size

                        C-3       Rope Performance

                        C-4       Rope Construction

                        C-5       Rope Fibre Material

                        C-6       Hawser Assembly

                        C-7       Marking and Packing

                        Form    Offer of Hawser Form

Part D              Production of Hawsers

                        D-1      General Procedures
                        D-2      Product Design Documentation

                        D-3      Quality Assurance Practices and Reporting

                        D-4      Rope Fibre Material Quality

                        D-5      Material Control

                        D-6      Material Testing

                        D-7      Rope Production

                        D-8      Splice Quality

                        D-9      Hawser Assembly, Eyes, Thimbles, Chafe Protection and Auxiliary Gear

                        D-10    Identification and Labelling of Rope

                        D-11    Packing

                        Figure  Dimensions and Marks of Double Braid Rope Splice

                        Figure  Dimensions and Marks on Eight Strand Laid Rope Splices

                        Form    Yarn Specification Form

                        Form    Rope Quality Control Checklist

Part E               Inspection of Finished Hawser

                        E-1       General Procedures

                        E-2       Establishment of Inspection Criteria

                        E-3       Manufacturing Quality

                        E-4       Application of Reference Load

                        E-5       Inspection of Sample Rope Section

                        E-6       Verification of Rope Strength

                        E-7       Fibre Material Identification Testing

                        E-8       Inspection at Reference Load

                        E-9       Inspection of Splices

                        E-10     Rope Quality

                        E-11     Eyes, Thimbles, Chafe Protection and Auxiliary Gear

                        E-12     Markings

                        E-13     Packing

                        Form    INSPECTION CHECKLIST AND REPORT

Part F               Prototype Rope Testing

                        F-1       General Procedures

                        F-2       Intent of Prototype Tests

                        F-3       Monitoring by Independent Inspector

                        F-4       Number of Tests

                        F-5       Prototype Rope Description

                        F-6       Test Machine

                        F-7       New Dry Breaking Strength Test

                        F-8       New Wet Breaking Strength Test

                        F-9       Breaking Strength Calculations

                        F-10     Cyclic Load Test

                        F-11     Elongation Measurements and Extension Calculations

                        F-12     Reporting of Results

                        Form    Prototype Test Checklist and Report Form


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Title: Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers
Number of Pages: 96
Product Code: 4400W026
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-201-2 (9781856092012), ISBN 10: 1-85609-201-1 (1856092011)
Published Date: September 2000
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 6 mm
Weight: 0.30 kg
Author: Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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