Helicopter Operations at Sea, 2nd Edition

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November 1999

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Helicopter Operations at Sea, 2nd Edition

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This industry guide to helicopter operations covers topics such as helicopter passenger procedure, routine maritime helicopter operations, search and rescue, training and development, ship reception facilities and helicopter types and is designed to improve helicopter recognition and safety operations.

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This book highlights the operational features of the helicopter when working within the marine industry.

Chapter 1 Helicopter Passenger Procedures

Boarding procedures and passenger safety

Emergency response

Use of lifejackets and emergency instructions

Floatation gear

Ditched aircraft

Heli-immersion suits

Helicopters Associated equipment


Chapter 2 Routine Helicopter Operations at Sea

Deck landings

Deck plan and ‘land on’ operations

Communications heli-deck landing sites

HLO duties

Surface navigation requirements

On deck emergency

Hook handler and heli-deck personnel


Chapter 3 Ship Types and Helicopter Reception Facilities

Personnel duties and responsibilities

Reception facilities aboard commercial vessels:

  • Tankers

  • Passenger

  • Ro-Ro

  • Dry cargo ships

  • Bulk carriers

  • Container ships

  • Passenger ships

Marine Pilot operations

Anti-pollution control

Ice reconnaissance

General commercial ship/helicopter operations.

Chapter 4 Helicopter Types and Operational Features

Aircraft particulars

General all purpose marine helicopter

Commercial aircraft

Helicopter profiles and specific information


Operational ranges and payload capacities

Civilian operational roles

Helicopter hoist/winch details.

Chapter 5 Search and Rescue Role of the Helicopter

SAR operational detail – Search information and helicopter equipment – Hoist operations

Surface vessel engagement

Surface craft types



Rescue boats

Wet deck landings RNLI operations

Hi-line method

Baskets and surface recovery alternatives.

Chapter 6 Military Role of the Helicopter at Sea

Helicopter types and features

Anti-submarine role

Profile of the

‘Sea King’ helicopter

Airborne early warning

Strike aircraft

Utility operations

Personnel transfer

Underslung loads

Dipping sonar

Carrier based aircraft

Mine clearance option.

Chapter 7 Helicopter Support Facilities

Surface vessel/helicopter interaction Hanger and

maintenance facilities – Offshore refuelling and support activity

Military Helicopter Assault ships

HMS ‘Ocean’ and HMS ‘Argus’

U.S. Coastguard surface support

Air traffic control.

Chapter 8 Profile of the New EH-101 – MERLIN Helicopter

Aircrafts capabilities

Construction and equipment

Navy role: Anti-submarine warfare

Operational detail and range comparisons.

Chapter 9 Helicopter Training and Development

Tilt rotor concept

Helicopter tracking systems

Composite fuselage constructional advances

Training activities and organisations

Emergency Ditching

Capsize and dry evacuation training

Controlled and semi-controlled training scenarios.

During his sea-going career, David House spent four years engaged on the Irish Sea/Scottish Ferry routes, with Roll-on Roll-off freight

Title: Helicopter Operations at Sea, 2nd Edition
Subtitle: A Guide for Industry
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 186
Product Code: 4400W138
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-168-8 (9781856091688), ISBN 10: 1-85609-168-6 (1856091686)
Published Date: November 1999
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 10 mm
Weight: 0.70 kg
Author: David J House

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