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October 2008

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HMS Conway 1859-1974 (eBook)

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Written by Alfie Windsor, with the foreword by HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. This book is a comprehensive review of Conway's history, operation, organisation, and daily life, in the context of the shipping industry’s evolving needs. Illustrated with over 260 pictures, it describes events from opening day in 1859 to closure in 1974.

Illustrated by over 260 pictures, it describes events from opening day in 1859 to closure in 1974; Life afloat on the River Mersey. How the wooden walled man of war narrowly avoided being sunk by Luftwaffe bombs during the Merseyside blitz. The idyllic years on the Menai Strait at Bangor and Plas Newyyd. The terrible loss of the Ship in 1953,a national controversy, is comprehensively and authoritatively explained for the first time. The yearsashore and events leading up to closure complete this extensive chronology.Old Conways' fascinating reminiscences of people, places and daily routine bring these events to life. The incredible responsibilities and freedoms they enjoyed contrast markedly with today's risk averse society.This book will be of interest to "They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters",to maritime researchers and historians, indeed to anyone with an interest in the sea, but especially to Old Conways, their families and friends.

1 Introduction                                                                                             
2   1857–59 The Founding                                                          
3   1859–60 Captain C Powell                                                     
4   1860–62 Captain A Royer RN                                                
5   1862–71 Captain R Mowll RN                                                
6   1871–81 Captain E Franklin RN                                             
7   A Tour of the Ship                                                                 
8   1881–1903 Lt A T Millar RN FRGS FRAS                              
9   1903–27 Captain H Broadbent RNR                                       
10 1927–34 Commander F Richardson DSC RN                          
11 1934 Commander M Douglas RD RNR                                   
12 1934 Captain T Goddard RD RNR                                          
13 1939–41 The Merseyside Blitz                                               
14 1941 From Mersey to Menai                                                  
15 1941 Bangor, A New Beginning                                               
16 1941–49 Bangor, Daily Routine                                               
17 1941–49 The Bangor Years                                                   
18 1945–48 A Time For Difficult Decisions                                   
19 1949 Through the Swellies                                                     
20 1949 A Tour of the Shore Base                                              
21 1949-50 Opening The Shore Base and Change of Command
22 1949-53 Ship and Shore                                                        
23 1953 The Loss of the Ship                                                     
24 Two Bridges Too Far                                                            
25 1953 Recovery                                                                     
26 1953 Under Canvas                                                               
27 1953-63 The End of the Ship                                                   
28 1953 A Tour of the Camp                                                       
29 1954–-63 Camp Daily Routine                                                
30 1954-–63 Camp Years                                                           
31 1964 Another Rebirth                                                            
32 1964 A Tour of the Stone Frigate                                            
33 1964-–68 Stone Frigate Daily Routine                                      
34 1964-–68 Stone Frigate Years                                                
35 1965-–69 New Hands on the Tiller                                           
36 1970-–73 The Final Years                                                       
37 A Sea Change                                                                      
38 1972–73 The Fight Against Closure                                        
39 1974 The Last Hurrah                                                            
40 Thursday 11th July 1974 : Paying Off Day                               
41 1982 Old Conways and The Falklands Campaign                    
42 A Proud Tradition Continues                                                  

A Glossary                                                                               
B Ship's Log HMS Conway                                                        
C Ship's Log HMS Winchester                                                   
D Ship's Log HMS Nile                                                              
E Gold Medal Winners                                                              
F Numbers of Cadets                                                                
G Tops and Terms                                                                    
H A Career At Sea                                                                    
I Loss of the Ship – Supporting Papers                                       
J Captain Superintendents and Headmaster

Title: HMS Conway 1859-1974 (eBook)
Number of Pages: 447
Product Code: WS1011EA
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-31-4 (9781905331314), ISBN 10: 1-905331-31-2 (1905331312)
Published Date: October 2008
Author: Alfie Windsor

Customer Reviews

HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by J. Fairweather (39-41)
"It is obvious that you have done a wonderful job. I naturally turned to the bit with which I had some particular concern, the move to Bangor, and in the process came on the photo on page 108, only to realise that the cadet who is second from the right was me!" (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by G. Haskins (40-43)
"Sincere congratulations on a most professional job." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by B. Wilson (46-48)
"I am pleased to say that my copy of HMS Conway has arrived, congratulations on what must have been a mammoth task. Well done." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by DG. Williams (49-51)
"I'd like to add my thanks to Alfie for his splendid book. Now I see how good it is I've ordered a second copy. Well done Alfie." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by K. Spawforth (52-53)
"A great book, lots of illuminating reading, which will take many hours of enjoyable study to full absorb." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by B. Wilson(46-48)
"I am pleased to say that my copy of HMS Conway has arrived, congratulations on what must have been a mammoth task. Well done." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by S. Cammack (51-53)
"Wonderful job! I'm glad some of my stuff was of use." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by G Spearing (59-61)
"A comprehensive and readable account, thanks for an excellent memento that'll take front line on the book shelf." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by I. Mcrae (61-63)
"I was stunned by the weight of it! It's a big book, chock full of interesting stuff and superb photographs, as well as a glossary of Conway lingo at the
back which had me laughing out loud several times. The Loss of the Ship was a heartbreaking read, even for me who was never on the Old Ship. Thank you Alfie. You have done a superb job. If any of you out there have not yet ordered a copy, don't hesitate any more. It's a superb publication which you won't regret shelling out for." (Posted on 01/10/2008)
HMS Conway 1859-1974 Review by T. Coates (61-63)
"It is without doubt a magnificent effort, and Alfie should be justifiably proud of his achievement. The attention to detail is fantastic, I cannot begin to imagine how many
hours must have gone into collating and making sense of all the information." (Posted on 01/10/2008)

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