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March 2005

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This 14 page booklet identifies the amendments to SHELLVOY 6. It should be read in conjunction with INTERTANKO’s commentary on SHELLVOY 5, published in A Guide to Tanker Charters, as this publication remains relevant to many of the clauses in SHELLVOY 6.

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SHELLVOY 6 is Shell’s updated form of tanker voyage charterparty. The intention behind SHELLVOY 6 is to include all current amendments issued since 1987 and to ‘clarify standard interpretations and practice’. INTERTANKO’s commentary on SHELLVOY 6 is not comprehensive as it is confined to material updates not previously circulating in the market.

Part 1              
1.1       Description of Vessel

1.2       Position/Readiness

1.3       Cargo Description

1.4       Worldscale
Part 2

2.1       Condition of the Vessel

2.2       Cleaning of Tanks

2.3       Voyage

2.4       Claims, Dues and Other Charges

2.5       Shifting

2.6       Charterer’s Failure to Give Orders

2.7       Laydays/Termination

2.8       Notice of Readiness/Running Time

2.9       Supervision of Time

2.10     Demurrage

2.11     Vessel Inspection/Cargo Inspection

2.12     Inert Gas

2.13     Crude Oil Washing

2.14     Charterer’s Orders/Change of Orders/Part Cargo Transhipment

2.15     ETA
2.16     Subletting/Assignment

2.17     Liberty

2.18     Bills of Lading

2.19     General Average

2.20     Clause Paramount

2.21     Back Loading
2.22     Bunkers

2.23     Oil Response Pollution and Insurance
2.24     Business Principles

2.25     Arbitration (b)

Order Form: Tanker Bills of Lading and A Guide to Tanker Charters


 On 16 March 2005 Shell launched SHELLVOY 6, their updated form of tanker voyage charterparty. Their stated intention was to include in the new form all amendments issued since 1987 and to ‘clarify standard interpretations and practice’. Shell issued the new form together with a note to brokers. An explanatory note, plus their standard template for recaps (both charter in and charter out), was also included. The new charterparty form comprises three parts. Parts 1 and 2 detail the main body of the form and Part 3 contains clauses for specific countries.

This commentary is not comprehensive as it is confined to new amendments not previously circulating in the market and focuses on Parts 1 and 2 of the new form.


INTERTANKO (the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners) is a trade association that has served as the voice for independent tanker owners since 1970, representing the interests of its Members at national, regional and international levels.

The organisation champions an industry dedicated to support global energy networks by delivering safe, efficient and environmentally sound transport services.

INTERTANKO actively works on a wide range of operational, technical, legal and commercial issues affecting tanker owners and operators around the world. It draws on regular and direct contact with its Members and other industry stakeholders to develop and disseminate information and best practice, essential to the tanker industry.

Title: INTERTANKO Commentary on SHELLVOY 6
Edition: First
Number of Pages: 14
Product Code: WS1027K
Published Date: March 2005
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 3 mm
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