Introduction to ROV Operations

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November 1995

Introduction to ROV Operations

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This clear and easy-to-read book contains substantial amounts of information on ROV Operations. The book’s authors use first-hand practical experience in this field to provides content that is simply not available elsewhere. The appendices in this book include a sample log sheet, check lists, suggested additional reading, operating companies and vehicles in current operation.


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Sections cover drilling operations, drilling rigs, production systems, support vessels, diving operations, ROV operations, The ROV team, safety, rigging and cargo handling, electrical safety, emergency procedures, seamanship,weather, underwater inspection, corrosion/protection, marine growth, visual inspection, NDT, commentaries and report writing, documentation, report writing, ROV system overview, electrical power systems, vehicle electronics/hydraulics / sensors and cameras, mobilization and demobilization, system maintenance and procedures, hydraulic maintenance, electrical maintenance, navigation surface navigation systems, subsurface navigation,systems, navigational effects of wind and currents.








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Title: Introduction to ROV Operations
Number of Pages: 300
Product Code: CL1075K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-870945-23-3 (9781870945233), ISBN 10: 1-870945-23-9 (1870945239)
Published Date: November 1995
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