Lifeboat Launch and Recovery Checklist

Published Date

July 2017

Lifeboat Launch and Recovery Checklist

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This checklist is a step by step guide to lifeboat launch and recovery and is designed to ensure the safety of seafarers during these potentially hazardous operations.

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This practical checklist guides the user through each step of the lifeboat launch and recovery process. It covers pre-planning, equipment checks, operational checks and recovery. The laminated, wipe-clean finish makes it easy to update the card each time checks are completed.


Ideally, the checklist should be placed on the Bridge alongside the LSA Information, hung in close vicinity to the survival craft and/or in the ships office alongside the LSA Maintenance folder.


This checklist is an excerpt from Survival Craft Release and Retrieval Systems (Including Davit Launched Survival Craft Release Hooks), 2nd edition.

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Title: Lifeboat Launch and Recovery Checklist
Product Code: WS1548K
Published Date: July 2017
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Book Width: 141 mm
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Author: UK P&I Club

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