Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures

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May 2010

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures

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In the liquefied gas shipping industry, cargo sampling is a routine requirement of quality control and custody transfer procedures. The risks that are associated with taking samples should be minimal, provided that the correct procedures both on the ship and shore are followed by trained personnel who are familiar with this type of operation. If these requirements are not met, the possibility of there being an incident increases significantly. The most typical example is when shore representatives are required to take samples from the ship’s tanks.

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This book discusses the following aspects of sampling:


  • The basic reasons for taking cargo samples

  • Sampling connections, e.g. open and closed loop systems

  • Types of sample containers

  • Recommended standard sample connections

  • Safe procedures for taking samples.


These updated recommendations have been produced by a working group made up from several industry experts and coordinated by SIGTTO.

Taking Samples of Liquefied Gas Cargoes



1. The Basic Reasons why Cargo Samples are Taken

2. Sampling Systems – ‘Open Loop’ or ‘Closed Loop’ Systems

3. The Standard Type of Containers Used to Obtain and Transport Systems

4. Standard for Sampling Connection Fittings

5. The Procedures Involved in Taking Samples



The purpose of SIGTTO is to promote shipping and terminal operations for liquefied gases which are safe, environmentally responsible and reliable. To fulfil this mission it will:

  • Proactively develop best operating practices and guideline

  • Sustain a learning environment by sharing lessons learned

  • Promote training and development of all within the industry

  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders

  • Conduct its business with professionalism and integrity

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