Motor Starters and Controls for Marine Gears (eBook)

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June 2015

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Motor Starters and Controls for Marine Gears (eBook)

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This interactive training package for marine engineers and ETOs uses 3D images, interactive circuits and full simulations embedded in an eBook to help acquiring an in-depth practical knowledge of electrical appliances that are associated with modern marine starter safety and control circuits.

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Ships have become increasingly automated so problems encountered with the application of automated systems, and the failures of automation and associated processor-based motor starters, are factors that could contribute to future marine accidents

This interactive training package should be used to enhance and supplement your knowledge and skills. It will provide familiarisation with a variety of electrical appliances that are part of, or associated with, modern marine starter safety and control circuits.

Using the detailed and accurate simulators, which are incorporated as part of this package, you will be able to practice and refine your troubleshooting knowledge and fault finding skills.


This training package is appropriate for:

· Management level marine engineers

· operational level marine engineers

· electricians with a lack of experience

· engineering cadets

· electrical engineering cadets

· anyone who is starting to work with switchgear starters.

1 Basics of Marine Switchgear Starters

1.1 Basic Elements

1.1.1 Relays

1.1.2 Relay Accessories

1.1.3 Contactors

1.1.4 Contactor Accessories

1.1.5 Overload Relays

1.1.6 Motor Starter Protectors

1.1.7 Motor Starter Protector Accessories

1.1.8 Moulded Case Air Circuit Breakers

1.1.9 Timers (timer relays)

1.1.10 Timer Functions

1.1.11 Control Step-Down Transformers

1.1.12 Fuses

1.1.13 Control Devices

1.2 Basic Circuits


2 Basic Measurements

2.1 Measuring a Circuit’s Potential Difference Using a Voltage Tester

2.2 Measuring a Circuit’s Potential Difference Using a Digital Multimeter

2.3 Measuring a Circuit’s Integrity Using a Digital Multimeter

2.4 Induction Motor Basics

2.5 Checking Stator Winding

2.5.1 Winding Integrity Check

2.5.2 Insulation Check

2.5.3 Verifying Motor Windings


3 Direct On Line (DOL) Motor Starters

3.1 Induction Motor Starting Characteristic

3.2 DOL Operating Principle

3.3 DOL Starter Operation Basics

3.4 Troubleshooting Technique Applied For DOL Starter Power and Control Circuits

3.4.1 Appropriate measurements through the starter’s power circuits

3.4.2 Appropriate measurements through the control circuit

3.4.3 DOL Starter Simulator

3.5 DOL Starter Reversing

3.5.1 Troubleshooting Tips

3.5.2 DOL Reversing Starter Simulator

3.6 Protection and Monitoring Relays

3.6.1 Current Monitoring Relay (Over/Under Current Monitoring Relay)

3.6.2 Phase Imbalance Monitoring Relay

3.6.3 Thermistor Protection Units (PTC Relays)

3.7 DOL Starter Simulator with Incorporated Protection and Monitoring Relays


4 Star–Delta (Wye-Delta) Motor Starters

4.1 Starting Characteristic

4.2 Operation Principle

4.3 Star-Delta Starter Simulator

4.4 Fault Finding Technique

4.4.1 Appropriate Measurements through the Power Circuit

4.4.2 Appropriate Measurements through the Control Circuit

4.5 Star-Delta Starter Application

4.6 Star-Delta Reversing Starter Simulator

4.7 Motor Starters Troubleshooting Chart

This training manual is not a list of instructions and long passages on the correct processes to follow and the expected results. It is a fully interactive training manual.


The text contains flash movies that incorporate interactive training and real world test setups.

Title: Motor Starters and Controls for Marine Gears (eBook)
Number of Volumes: 2
Product Code: WS1452EA
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-689-8 (9781856096898), ISBN 10: 1-85609-689-0 (1856096890)
Published Date: June 2015
Author: Alexandr Yakimchuk

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