Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training Guide (MTOCT)

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January 2013

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Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training Guide (MTOCT)

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This OCIMF guide is to assist managers of marine terminals to:


  • Determine the competencies they require for marine terminal staff having responsibilities for the safety of the ship/shore interface. For the purposes of the Guide, the two staff levels considered are ‘Supervisors’ and ‘Operators’

  • Assess the competence of members of their marine terminal staff

  • Establish training needs for each member of staff

  • Develop appropriate training/self-help programmes to satisfy the training needs.


Includes an add-in application to customise the guide for each specific terminal and to manage training records.

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The recommendations contained in this guide are generic and designed to be applicable to all marine terminals handling bulk liquids, irrespective of the berth type or range of cargoes handled. It is recommended that the Competence Framework and accompanying training guidance will be tailored by users to the requirements and operations of individual terminals and will assist with the development of site-specific training that addresses site-specific operations.




Section 1 Purpose and Scope

Section 2 Introduction


2.1 Use of this Guide

2.2 The Competence Framework

2.3 Competence Element Templates



Section 3 Implementation Guidance

3.1 General

3.2 Staff Levels and Competencies

3.3 Customising the Guide



Section 4 Training Guidance

4.1 General

4.2 Determining Training Needs

4.3 Options for Training Delivery

4.4 Selection and Competence of Trainers

4.5 Record Keeping



Section 5 Verification of Effectiveness of Training

5.1 General

5.2 Methods for Assessing Competence

5.2.1 Observation

5.2.2 Questioning

5.2.3 Written Test

5.2.4 Oral Test

5.3 Selection and Competence of Assessors

5.4 The Role of Verifiers




A The Competence Framework

A.1 Overview of the Competence Framework

A.2 Index of Key Functions, Units and Elements

B Competence Element Templates

Key Function 1: Introduction to Terminal

Key Function 2: Terminal HSE Management

Key Function 3: Security Management

Key Function 4: Hazards of Products

Key Function 5: Introduction to Vessels

Key Function 6: Pre-Arrival Planning and Preparation

Key Function 7: Arrival

Key Function 8: Transfer

Key Function 9: Post-Transfer

Key Function 10: Emergency Response

C Sources of Further Information

OCIMF was formed in April 1970 in response to the growing public concern about marine pollution, particularly by oil, after the Torrey Canyon incident

Title: Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training Guide (MTOCT)
Number of Pages: 136
Product Code: WS1383K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-576-1 (9781856095761), ISBN 10: 1-85609-576-2 (1856095762)
Published Date: January 2013
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 250 mm
Book Spine: 10 mm
Weight: 0.70 kg
Author: Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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