Navigation in Shallow Waters

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June 2017

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Navigation in Shallow Waters

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This publication, by Captain Eduardo Gilardoni and Captain Juan Presedo, examines ship handling in shallow waters and the differences that may be experienced when compared with deep water conditions. It contains theoretical and practical information for ships navigating in open water and in confined channels. The text, methods, diagrams and equations are easy to follow and understand, making it the ideal handbook for those ashore and on board ship, as well as maritime students.

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This book relates specifically to vessels in shallow waters because feedback from full-size vessels and ship models has consistently shown that ship performance is much less efficient in shallow water than in deep water. It is, in effect, a risk analysis that examines possibilities of ship accidents and discusses methods of prevention.


About the Authors

Author’s Note

Introduction Abbreviations


Chapter 1 – Shallow Waters

Chapter 2 – Directional Stability

Chapter 3 – A Ship Navigating in a Channel

Chapter 4 – Squat

Chapter 5 – Effect of Current, Tide and Wind

Chapter 6 – The Ship Describing a Curved Path

Chapter 7 – Thrusters

Chapter 8 – Differences in Turning Moments for Different Ship Types

Chapter 9 – Physical Position of the Ship Handler

Chapter 10 – Factors Involved in Stopping a Moving Ship

Chapter 11 – Use of the Anchor as a Ship Handling Tool

Chapter 12 – Emergency Procedures in Ships

Chapter 13 – Embarking and Disembarking Pilots

Chapter 14 – Working Harbour Tugs

Chapter 15 – Rudders and Special Propellers

Chapter 16 – Twin Screw Ships

Chapter 17 – Commercial and Legal Considerations for Masters in Charge of Vessels Moving in Restricted Waters

Appendix A

Appendix B

Reflections of an Experienced Ship Pilot


This publication, by Captain Eduardo Gilardoni and Captain Juan Presedo, covers many aspects of ship handling in shallow waters. It contains theoretical and practical information for ships navigating in open water and in confined channels.

Capt Eduardo O Gilardoni is a Master Mariner with more than 30 years’ seagoing experience. He holds a BSc in marine transportation and has extensive experience in marine surveying, ship handling, shipping operations and operations in shallow waters.

He sailed as Master on oil tankers, salvage tugs and supply vessels. He took part in numerous salvage, sea towing, supply and rescue operations, predominantly in the South Atlantic Ocean. He then moved ashore and worked for 15 years as an Operations Manager for major oil companies, SBM/CBM terminals and for deep sea towing and supply companies.

Capt Gilardoni is also a recognized expert and author on navigation in restricted waters and accident investigation. He lectures on ship handling and naval architecture at the Argentine National Maritime Academy ‘Manuel Belgrano’ and is a member of the examination board for Master Mariners, River Plate and Parana Pilots’ exams. He is a LR certified lead auditor for ISM/ISO and ISPS.


Capt Juan P Presedo is a Master Mariner and holds a MBA in Oil and Gas (Robert Gordon University) and a BSc in Marine Transportation. He graduated as the top-ranked midshipman from the Argentine National Academy and subsequently served for 10 years at sea, predominantly on board LNG carriers.

He has experience as a Marine Operations Superintendent, working with a major LNG operator in London and as a Marine Assurance Specialist working for an oil major vetting team. He is a specialist in LNG marine operations and has taken part in LNG carrier new building projects and dry docks. He has planned and supervised LNG ship to ship transfers underway, at anchor and alongside, and has taken part in the commissioning of LNG terminals. He has also trained crews and shore staff for LNG operations for special projects.

Capt Presedo is a LR certified ISP 9001/14001/18001 lead auditor, with experience in accident investigation, ISM/ISO/ISPS/navigation audits and ship to shore/ship to ship compatibility studies. He is a fellow of the Institute of Charterered Shipbrokers, an associated fellow of the Nautical Institute and has written frequently for shipping magazines and specialized nautical publications.




Title: Navigation in Shallow Waters
Number of Pages: 264
Product Code: WS1421K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-667-6 (9781856096676), ISBN 10: 1-85609-667-X (185609667X)
Published Date: June 2017
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 275 mm
Book Width: 215 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm
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