F(P)SO Poster

Published Date

June 2012

F(P)SO Poster

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This OCIMF poster provides guidance to F(P)SO personnel on the rules, regulations, guidelines, standards and publications that apply to F(P)SO safety, operations and maintenance. It comes with an eBook that allows the user to search the list of documents referenced on the poster.

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The poster is divided into the following sections:


• FPSO operations
• FPSO equipment
• Cargo handling
• Offloading (including tankers, shuttle tankers, tandem offloading, hoses, hawsers, mooring equipment, manoeuvring, pilotage and chartering)
• Side-by-side offloading
• Offloading via single point mooring (SPM) and multi-buoy moorings
• Transfer of personnel and materials
• Marine operations and support vessels
• Subsea
• Maintenance and inspection
• FPSO personnel competency and training
• Abandonment and decommissioning
• Abbreviations.

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is a voluntary association of oil companies with an interest in the shipment and terminalling of crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals and gas. OCIMF focuses exclusively on preventing harm to people and the environment by promoting best practice in the design, construction and operation of tankers, barges and offshore vessels and their interfaces with terminals. Learn more at www.ocimf.org

Title: F(P)SO Poster
Subtitle: First Edition, 2012
Edition: First
Product Code: WS1361K
Published Date: June 2012
Book Height: 825 mm
Book Width: 1007 mm
Weight: 0.10 kg
Author: Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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