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July 2011

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Offshore Engineering and Production, 3rd Edition

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This publication is an introduction to offshore exploration and production. 

This guide to offshore exploration and production looks specifically at equipment, procedures, specifications and regulations.


It covers topics such as:

-          Offshore structures and support vessels

-          safety systems (including emergency shutdown systems (ESDs))

-          oil and gas production

-          underwater engineering

-          drilling.

The Author
Standards, Guidance Notes and Codes of Practice

1. Introduction and Background

2. Offshore Structures and Support Vessels

3. Safety Systems

4. Piping Systems and Process Pressure Vessels

5. Oil and Gas Production

6. Underwater Engineering

7. Drilling

8. Component Parts

9. Well Maintenance


Appendix I – Structural Steel
Appendix II – Welding
Appendix III – Non-Destructive Examination
Appendix IV – Units of Measurements
Appendix V – Table of Line Pipe Dimensions
Appendix VI – UK Legislation



Offshore engineering encompasses a considerable number of very specialised and often completely unrelated disciplines. They can be categorised into three core activities: construction, production and reservoir engineering. This book has been written not as a definitive manual, but to provide the reader with a basic explanation of them.

It is hoped that the material contained within this publication will provide the new recruit to the industry with a basic appreciation of what is a relatively complex subject, while at the same time providing the more experienced individual with a fuller appreciation of activities outside of their own particular speciality. The decision on what topics should be included and the depth to which they should be discussed are based largely on my personal experience.

While frequent references are made to the oil and gas industries of the North Sea, the bulk of the text is of a more general nature and so is applicable to offshore engineering on a worldwide basis. Units of measurement are quoted in both imperial and metric, with preference being given to the unit most frequently associated with a particular discipline.

Angus Mather

Angus Mather began his career with the Ministry of Defence at Her Majesty’s Dockyard, Devonport, in 1970 as a Technician Apprentice. This was followed by 10 years’ service as an Engineer Officer in the British Merchant Navy, prior to entering the oil and gas industry. The next 25 years were spent employed both in the contracting industry as Engineering Manager of Kvaerner Oil and Gas Services and as a Classification Society surveyor, involved with oil and gas related products, both on and offshore, in the UK, the Middle East, the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.


Witherbys titles are developed using scripts developed by technical experts that are peer reviewed within work groups. Typically, they seek to improve understanding of the regulations, recommendations and guidelines issued by Industry.

Witherbys staff have significant expertise in the fields of navigation and hazardous cargoes as well as in the presentation of complex subjects in a graphic and easy to understand manner.

Title: Offshore Engineering and Production, 3rd Edition
Edition: Third
Number of Pages: 320
Product Code: WS1222K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-98-7 (9781905331987), ISBN 10: 1-905331-98-3 (1905331983)
Published Date: July 2011
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 279 mm
Book Width: 165 mm
Book Spine: 20 mm
Weight: 1.10 kg
Author: Angus Mather

Customer Reviews

Most Informative Review by YO - April 2015
I strongly recommend this book for all offshore engineers, especially young and graduate engineers who are keen to learn and grow faster in the oil and gas field. The book details all the aspects of the industry coupled with pictures to aid quick and better understanding.

Do not look at the price of the book, but rather at the information contained in the book; get yourself a copy!
(Posted on 08/04/2015)
An Invaluable Asset to the Oil & Gas Industry Review by Yemi Oluwabunkunmi
I just got the third edition of this book after my first encounter with the second edition. It is such an invaluable asset for every engineer who works offshore or onshore (oil and gas industry). Very informative with pictures and diagrams to drive home the understanding of every aspect of the oil and gas industry.
The book is useful for graduate and experience engineer; i highly recommend this book!!!! (Posted on 16/08/2011)

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