Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts

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March 2020

Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts

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The purpose of this publication is to bring together all of the BIMCO offshore-related contracts and their explanatory notes into a handy and easy to use reference book. It’s designed to help chartering professionals and their advisors cross-compare BIMCO contracts and provide insight into the thinking behind each clause. The latest edition of each of the contracts is included.


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Many offshore chartering professionals use BIMCO contracts in their daily work – often dealing with several contracts from the BIMCO collection.

The origins of BIMCO’s work in the offshore sector date back to the early 70’s when the offshore oil and gas industry was still in its infancy. Support vessels at that time were commonly chartered using in-house contracts from oil majors or adapted standard time charter forms. Neither of these types of forms were ideally suited to address the peculiarities and hazards of this special trade. The publication of the first SUPPLYTIME form in 1975 created a relationship between BIMCO and the offshore industry that has continued for over 40 years. Today, BIMCO’s offshore forms have become among the organisation’s most widely used standard contracts.

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BARGEHIRE 2008 – Standard Barge Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
DISMANTLECON – Dismantling, Removal and Marine Services Agreements
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYCON 2007 – Standard Heavy Lift Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYCONBILL 2016 – Bill of Lading
HEAVYCONRECEIPT 2016 – Non-negotiable Cargo Receipt
HEAVYLIFTVOY – Heavy Lift Voyage Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYLIFTVOYBILL 2016 – Bill of Lading
PROJECTCON – Special Projects Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
SUPPLYTIME 2017 – Time Charter Party for Offshore Support Vessels
Comparison between SUPPLYTIME 2005 and SUPPLYTIME 2017
TOWCON 2008 – International Ocean Towage Agreement (Lump Sum) Explanatory Notes

TOWHIRE 2008 – International Ocean Towage Agreement (Daily Hire) Explanatory Notes

WINDTIME – Standard Offshore Windfarm Personnel Transfer and Support Vessel Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
WRECKFIXED 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement
Explanatory Notes
WRECKHIRE 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement (Daily Hire) Explanatory Notes
WRECKSTAGE 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement
(Lump Sum – Stage Payments)
Explanatory Notes

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BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with 2,000 members in more than 120 countries.


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Established in 1921, ICS is concerned with all technical, legal, employment affairs and policy issues that may affect international shipping.


ICS represents shipowners with the various intergovernmental regulatory bodies that impact on shipping, including the International Maritime Organization.


ICS also develops best practices and guidance, including a wide range of publications and free resources that are used by ship operators globally.

Title: Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts
Number of Volumes: 1
Number of Pages: 470
Product Code: WS1682K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-907-3 (9781856099073), ISBN 10: 1-85609-907-5 (1856099075)
Published Date: March 2020
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 28 mm
Weight: 1.90 kg

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