Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts

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March 2020

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Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts

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BIMCO has launched a new publication for the offshore oil and gas and renewables sector. The handy guide contains all of BIMCO’s current standard offshore contracts and charter parties along with detailed guidance notes. Included in the book are well-established industry standards like SUPPLYTIME, HEAVYCON, TOWCON and BARGEHIRE as well newly developed niche contracts like WINDTIME for renewables and DISMANTLECON for decommissioning projects. This book is a valuable reference tool for anyone working in the offshore service sector looking for insight and guidance on BIMCO’s wide range of offshore contracts.

Key benefits:

• A handy desktop reference guide for maritime professionals

• Includes all of BIMCO’s offshore contracts in a single publication

• Contains detailed guidance notes on each contract

• Provides “at a glance” comparisons between agreements

• Includes the new DISMANTLECON decommissioning contract.


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BARGEHIRE 2008 – Standard Barge Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
DISMANTLECON – Dismantling, Removal and Marine Services Agreements
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYCON 2007 – Standard Heavy Lift Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYCONBILL 2016 – Bill of Lading
HEAVYCONRECEIPT 2016 – Non-negotiable Cargo Receipt
HEAVYLIFTVOY – Heavy Lift Voyage Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
HEAVYLIFTVOYBILL 2016 – Bill of Lading
PROJECTCON – Special Projects Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
SUPPLYTIME 2017 – Time Charter Party for Offshore Support Vessels
Comparison between SUPPLYTIME 2005 and SUPPLYTIME 2017
TOWCON 2008 – International Ocean Towage Agreement (Lump Sum) Explanatory Notes

TOWHIRE 2008 – International Ocean Towage Agreement (Daily Hire) Explanatory Notes

WINDTIME – Standard Offshore Windfarm Personnel Transfer and Support Vessel Charter Party
Explanatory Notes
WRECKFIXED 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement
Explanatory Notes
WRECKHIRE 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement (Daily Hire) Explanatory Notes
WRECKSTAGE 2010 – International Wreck Removal and Marine Services Agreement
(Lump Sum – Stage Payments)
Explanatory Notes

BIMCO is the world’s largest direct-membership organisation for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents. In total, around 59% of the world’s cargo fleet is a BIMCO member, measured by dead weight tonnes (DWT).

BIMCO is a ‘not for profit’ organisation with NGO status, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with offices in Athens, Shanghai and Singapore.

The organisation has around 1,900 member companies across 120 countries – including large and small shipowners, shippers, oil majors, brokers, local port agents, law firms, maritime security companies and national shipowner’s associations among others. The core of the BIMCO membership is around 800 shipowner members who combined control around 83% of containership tonnage, 59% of dry bulk tonnage and 51% of tanker tonnage (all measured by DWT).

BIMCO’s goals are to secure a level playing field for the global shipping industry and to deliver practical tools, advice and guidance to its members across the main shipping sectors. BIMCO therefore works to promote and secure global standards and regulations for the maritime sector.

The organisation’s century long effort into creating standard contracts and clauses is a strong expression of that aim. BIMCO is considered the world leader in developing standard contracts and clauses in shipping.

Title: Offshore Heavylift and Project Cargo Contracts
Number of Volumes: 1
Number of Pages: 470
Product Code: WS1682K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-907-3 (9781856099073), ISBN 10: 1-85609-907-5 (1856099075)
Published Date: March 2020
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 28 mm
Weight: 1.90 kg

Customer Reviews

Vital book for the objective “lessons learned”. Review by By Master Mariner and Lecturer of Marstal Maritime Academy – Bjørn Kay. ([email protected])
In my world where I do analysis of unsafe conditions, unsafe acts , near misses and accident investigation this book is vital for the objective “lessons learned” in relation to what is sometimes happen in ports and on board of project cargo vessels in relation to the form of contracts when the development have shown that a disagreement of a contract can show up or insurances issues have to be followed up. The key benefits as a handy desktop reference guide for maritime professionals especially in the comment sense what is needed in contracts and what is necessary to insure on the practical side in ports and on board of ships. It makes my work possible to look at what is needed and what needs to be in place as lecturer for inspiring marine professionals to focus on.
The inclusion of all BIMCO’s offshore contracts in a single publication make it possible to work out a make sense in relation which contract fits best for a special form of project cargo in relation to fast factors and the variety of variable factors especially in remote areas with difficult infrastructure.
In relation to the objective with project cargo plans in areas with difficult infrastructure and weather as a variable factor, the book provides detailed guidance notes on each contract.
For presenting a structure “Before-, During- and After” - the new DISMANTLECON decommissioning contract description gives newcomers an professional insight knowledge and best practice on this issue and gives a possibility to understand the relevant input from the industry!
The contract has been written by a group of key stakeholders including marine service providers, marine contractors, P&I and legal experts. The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and the International Salvage Union (ISU) were also represented, and guidance on insurance has been provided by a leading insurance broking and risk management company.
The use of the contract is not limited to one particular type of facility or operation but can be used for removal of any offshore field architecture in the oil and gas sector. This includes pipelines, mattresses, manifolds, jackets, topsides, platforms and monopile structures, and for structures used in the renewables sector. The contract is not intended to cover disposal of the facility or Plug & Abandonment (P&A) work.
(Posted on 11/09/2020)
A major reference document for the future has been created. Review by Ian R Perrott, FICS, Independent OSV Consultant
My first experience of a BIMCO Charter Party coincided with my first vessel fixture in 1982. As a trainee offshore shipbroker, I found myself siting around a table with a Shipowner and a Charterers representative. In front of each of us was a blank BIMCO Supplytime 1975. I doubt any of us had seen a Charter Party before, let alone a one for an offshore vessel. We muddled through but I knew then that much more knowledge was going to be required in the future. Unfortunately, knowledge of offshore Charter Party’s was in short supply and remained so for many more years. The past 15-20 years have seen much improvement in the situation, often led by BIMCO’s seminars and the knowledge base built up by specialist offshore lawyers. However, the range of contracts that form Bimco’s Offshore suite of Charter Party’s has also grown, and continues to do so, not counting the regular revision of existing contract forms. It’s therefore not a moment too soon that all these ‘Offshore, Heavylift and Project’ contracts, along with the commentary that accompanies each of them, are drawn together into this one publication. We now have the ability to better evaluate in one place what's the best contract for a particular vessel or workrole whilst seeing their common elements as well as the differences between them. Deciding if it’s better to use a Towhire or Supplytime, or whether a Heavyliftvoy or a Heavycon is the appropriate contract should all help to reduce disputes. By bringing all such contracts together in this one book, I certainly believe that a major reference document for the future has been created. (Posted on 20/05/2020)

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