Passage Planning Practice 2nd Edition

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December 2019

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Passage Planning Practice 2nd Edition

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A companion title to Passage Planning Principles, this book works through an example of a ship sailing from Rotterdam and heading towards Gibraltar.

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This book shows a fully worked example featuring:


         - Chart extracts for each leg of the passage

         - Template plans

         - Checklists.





1 Voyage Instructions

2 Confirmation of Destination

2.1 Task 1: Confirm Destination
2.2 Task 2: Establish Route
2.3 Task 3: Calculate Distances

3 Appraisal

3.1 Task 4: Collate Company, Master and Charterer’s Instructions
3.2 Task 5: Gather General Information – from Publications, Notices, Radio Bulletins, Colleagues and Old Passage Plans
3.3 Task 6: Collect and Note Cargo Information, Draught of Ship and Manoeuvring Data

4 Planning

4.1 Procedure for Chart Selection
4.2 Task 7: If the Largest Scale Charts for the Voyage (or part of the voyage) are not on board, they must be Requisitioned
4.3 Task 8: Identify Predicted Areas of Danger and Mark on Charts
4.4 Task 9: Lay-off the Courses, Clear of Hazards and Dangers
4.5 Calculation of Wheel-Over Point
4.6 Steps to Draw Wheel-Over Bearing by Advance-Transfer Method: (Show between WPT7 to 8)
4.7 Use of Large Scale Plans within Small Scale Charts
4.8 Task 10: Mark all Identified Hazards and any Additional Information on Chart without any Information Overload
4.9 Use of the ‘Admiralty List of Lights’
4.10 Use of ‘Admiralty List of Radio Signals’
4.11 Calculation of Radar Horizon
4.12 Transferring Position From One Chart to Another Chart
4.13 Use of Admiralty Digital List of Radio Signals for Information on DGPS Beacons/RACONS
4.14 Task 11: Identify the Hazards and Carry Out a Risk Assessment for Each

5 Execution

5.1 Task 12: Allocate Resources for Bridge Team Management

6 Monitoring

6.1 Task 13: Continuously Monitor Progress Along the Planned Track
6.2 Anchor Plan
6.3 Berthing Plan

7 Applying Principles


Appendix 1: Own Passage Checklist – Paper Charts

Appendix 2: Passage Plan, Lisbon to Gibraltar Pilot Station

Appendix 3: Passage Plan, Gibraltar Pilot Station to Berth

Appendix 4: Passage Planning Notebook

Appendix 5: Port Entry Information – Gibraltar

Appendix 6: Ship’s Particulars and Manoeuvring Characteristics

Appendix 7: Chartwork Legends

The two books ‘Passage Planning Practice’ and ‘Passage Planning Principles’ both by Abdul Khalique and Capt. Nadeem Anwar, together provide a comprehensive, easy to follow guide and an excellent set of standards to be worked through. By providing check-lists and a fully worked example, the authors have created a guide that builds upon the sound principles of passage planning, that can be used in a real-life situation, providing a much needed ‘job based’ training aid.


Dr Captain Nadeem Anwar

Master Mariner, FNI, SFHEA, ACII, DoS, PGCEL, MSc (Maritime Operations), BSc (Quality Management), CertEd


Having completed pre-sea training in 1983, Nadeem sailed on different ship types from 1984. He left sea while in command in 1998. He sailed on VLCCs, OBOs, O/Os, Gas and Chemical Tankers. His time at sea was mainly spent in deep-sea trade, which gave him a wide-ranging experience of navigating in different areas of the world.


In October 1998, he joined the Fleetwood Nautical Campus as a lecturer. In 2003, he became its Curriculum Manager. In 2005, he completed an MSc in Maritime Operations with a Distinction (through LJMU) and an Advanced Diploma in Insurance (through the Chartered Insurance Institute). In 2016, he was awarded a Doctor of Science.


End of 2008, he moved to Bahrain to launch a training company and a marine operations company and was the Managing Director of both. He returned to the UK in 2012 and rejoined Fleetwood Nautical Campus as the Curriculum Manager. In 2015, he moved to Warsash Maritime Academy (of Solent University) as Senior Lecturer in the Petrochemical section. He is also the Course Leader for MSc – Shipping Operations (online).


Captain Anwar has developed numerous training courses and written a range of books and training materials. He also provides consultancy services to marine training providers

and shipping companies. He frequently speaks at many conferences addressing on marine related issues.

Title: Passage Planning Practice 2nd Edition
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 92
Product Code: WS1674K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-851-9 (9781856098519), ISBN 10: 1-85609-851-6 (1856098516)
Published Date: December 2019
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm
Weight: 0.50 kg
Author: Nadeem Anwar

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