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January 2003

Petroleum Measurement Tables

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This program is the electronic version of the ASTM D 1250-80 Petroleum Measurement Tables, volumes I to IX and XI to XIV (revised tables published in 1980). It also includes the tables 53 and 54 from the ASTM Petroleum Measurement Tables for Light Hydrocarbon Liquids (Density Range 0.500 to 0.653 Kg/litre at 15°C). Note: The tables, from the 1953 metric edition, are still used for liquid petroleum gases (LPGs).


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The subroutines are prepared according to the ASTM D 1250-80 Volume X implementation procedures and were tested according to the examples for checkout as outlined in the same volume. They also comply with volume XIII and volume XIV appendix A and B.

For Light Hydrocarbon Liquids, the subroutines follow appendix A of ASTM-IP-API Petroleum Measurement Tables for Light Hydrocarbon Liquids, The Institute of Petroleum, London, 1986.

Data limits
The data limits (including extrapolated range) are identical to the limits of the paper tables.


Table 53L (Light Hydrocarbons)

There is a typo for the reference value for 50°C and density 0.470 Kg/litre in the table 53L: the density @15°C has been entered as 0.532 Kg/litre instead of 0.523 Kg/litre.
The interpolation for the densities between 0.460 and 0.480 is incorrect as a consequence of this typo.

Developers Edition
A developer kit is available at 499GBP + 19GBP per redistribution licence (per block of 10 and depending on the volume).
The kit includes a library with the full ASTM Petroleum Measurement Tables (Win32 DLL library and .Net DLL Class library).
The source code (C++) is also available at 5000GBP (for use within an organisation, not for resale to third-parties).
More info at [email protected]

First Series - Volumes I, II, III: °API, °F units
Volume I (Generalized Crude Oils)
Table 5A
Table 6A

Volume II (Generalized Products)
Table 5B  
Table 6B

Volume III (Individual and Special Applications)
Table 6C (appendix not included)

Second Series - Volumes IV, V, VI: Relative Density, °F unit
Volume IV (Generalized Crude Oils)
Table 23A
Table 24A

Volume V (Generalized Products)
Table 23B  
Table 24B

Volume VI (Individual and Special Applications)
Table 24C (appendix not included)

Third Series - Vol. VII, VIII, IX: kg/m3, °C units
Volume VII (Generalized Crude Oils)
Table 53A
Table 54A

Volume VIII (Generalized Products)
Table 53B
Table 54B

Volume IX (Individual and Special Applications)
Table 54C (appendix not included)

Volume X: Background, Development and Program Documentation is not included
Tables 1,2 - Interrelation of Units of Measurement & Temperature Conversion
Volume XI: Conversions with API Gravity
Tables 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Volume XII: Conversions with Relative Density/Density/Specific Gravity
Tables 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 51, 52, 56 short, 56, 57, 58
Volume XIII: Generalized Lubricating Oils with °API, °F units
Table 5D
Table 6D

Volume XIV: Generalized Lubricating Oils with kg/m3, °C units
Table 53D
Table 54D
ASTM Petroleum Measurement Tables for Light Hydrocarbon Liquids (Density Range 0.500 to 0.653 Kg/litre at 15°C): Tables 51, 53, 54

Title: Petroleum Measurement Tables
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