Programmable Logic Controller

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January 1970

Programmable Logic Controller

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This handbook provides extensive practical information relating to PLC-based appliances used in modern marine automation. Using this book as a step-by-step guide will enable you to develop familiarity with the systems and to practise and refine your troubleshooting knowledge and fault-finding skills. This will help you to better understand onboard applications and to develop a systematic approach when troubleshooting.

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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in a variety of applications in the marine industry, including propulsion systems, safety systems, data acquisition and motor starters. Marine engineers and ETOs must have a good understanding of these systems to maintain them in a safe and operational condition. Since any onboard system can fail, fault finding also forms part of an engineer’s regular duties.


This manual explains system components, inputs and outputs, process monitoring sensors, flowcharts, ladder logic, function blocks, direct-on-line e-motor starter ladder logic, PLC communication and networking, and troubleshooting techniques. The text is illustrated throughout with photographs and circuit diagrams.


This manual will benefit:


Management level marine engineers

Operational level marine engineers

ETOs and electricians

Engineering cadets

Electrical engineering cadets

Anyone who is starting to work with PLC-based applications.

Title: Programmable Logic Controller
Product Code: WS1652K
Published Date: January 1970

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