Safe Out, Safe Home: A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew

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August 2019

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Safe Out, Safe Home: A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew

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Fishing boats are exciting and rewarding places to work. But working at sea is very different to working on land. It is a constantly moving and changing place, where the unexpected often happens. It is also isolated, with only you and the other crew members to keep you safe.


Teamwork is essential. You need to play your full part – as much for your own safety as for the safety of your fellow crew. In summary, you need to know the risks and be fully prepared for them.

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Starring new joiner Pike and old hands Shackleton and Bramble, this book is written by fishing insurance experts. They deal with fishing boat accidents every day, most of which could have been prevented if the crew had thought more about risk and worked better together.


The book is designed to help you when joining a vessel. It can also help skippers and old hands, both as a refresher and for training new crew. It takes you through the basic familiarisation procedures you should get on every fishing boat, including your safety clothing, fire drills and giving first aid.


It also explains how to remain safe when working in different parts of the boat – such as on deck, in machinery rooms and in the freezer holds. Above all it will help to ensure you stay safe on the trip out, during the fishing and on the trip back home.

Title: Safe Out, Safe Home: A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew
Number of Pages: 46
Product Code: WS1715K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-0-9935555-9-6 (9780993555596), ISBN 10: 0-9935555-9-4 (0993555594)
Published Date: August 2019
Weight: 0.60 kg
Author: The North of England P&I Association Ltd

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